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The Pain of Freedom

Bali Scooter

When I first came to Bali last year, I thought I could survive without learning to ride a scooter. Heck, I had lived in South East Asia for almost two years at one point without ever needing to learn.   

In Vietnam, there were ample motorbike taxis, and the city was pretty walkable. In Thailand, there were “songthaews” (pick up truck taxis) and again, I would schlep around town by foot.   

Bali is different though.   

Sidewalks are few and far between, rideshare apps are essentially forbidden, and while people do walk,  it’s at everyone’s expense. Winding turns, uneven roads, and the aforementioned lack of sidewalks render it as dangerous as it is inefficient.   

Once I realized that my friends had no desire to to be my personal chauffeur, learning to ride a scooter became my only real option.   

Fortunately, one brave friend decided to teach me. Though he never showed it, I’m confident he regretted that decision almost immediately. Within the first 30 seconds or our lesson, I had run his scooter straight into a wall.   

“You’re doing great! That’s totally normal.”  

“Is it??…” I said, white knuckling the handlebars.   

For an hour I drove (very slowly) up and down a side street. Any person that drove by sent me into a moment of panic. Every street-dog glared at me, judgment in their eyes.  

Bali Scooter Lesson.jpg

Actual photo from my first scooter lesson…

WOW, would you check out that form!

Eventually, it was time to go home and my friend suggested I take it to the street for a quick spin before we headed back.   

I was AGAST.

The street?? But there were cars and people with eyes on the street! You have to go greater than 3km/hour on the street!   

After a few minutes of back and forth, and some encouraging words from my friend, off I went.   

To my surprise, it was WAY easier to go faster with the big kids, than to play small on the backstreets. It was easier to throw myself in, and realize I WAS ready than to dip my toe and let fear run the show.   

It’s been over a month since I first learned to ride and it’s been one of the most empowering feelings I’ve ever had.

I can go wherever I want. I can drive in the jungle and go on adventures. I can take myself to yoga without feeling dependent on someone else.   

Freedom isn’t free though. There’s an inherent risk, and I’ve already experienced a small dose of it.   

Not once, but TWICE, my scooter has fallen on top of me.   

Yes, you read that right.   

Both times I had a kickstand malfunction, so I’ll allay any fears you may have had that this happened while driving.   

The first time it felt like it happened in slow motion, and I walked away without a scratch. The second time, however, the bike toppled onto me before I could catch myself and I fell into a sharp corner of a nearby building.

I have a baseball-size bruise and my hip has been hurting ever since.   

This is the pain of freedom.   

In life, MOST things we want come with some form of risk. From the exhilarating feeling of jumping out of a plane, to the fulfillment of writing your very own book.   

Be it physical risk, social risk, or risk of losing one’s identity to a new and better version of ourselves, there is always some potential tradeoff to getting what we want.   

We have to be willing to invest the time and sacrifice the ego. We have to be willing to wager the necessary cost.  

The upside? The more we use our fear as a compass, the better we become at taking calculated risks.   

I’m not talking about reckless abandon that looks like speeding through the streets of Bali without a helmet, or taking out a second mortgage on your house for the business idea that you’ve done zero market research on.   

I’m referring to the type of risk that you can see an ROI on. This is the difference between feeling discomfort and actual danger.   

The universe wants to support our dreams, it wants us to feel free and to live life to the fullest. But it needs us to get off the couch, to get out on the streets. We need to be willing to accept the pain of freedom if we want to feel free.   

What opportunities are you missing out on because you’re too attached to feeling safe?   

Where are you confusing lack of actual safety with lack of a sure thing?  

There are no "sure things" when it comes to pursuing our dreams, the only thing you can be sure of is that it will require you to step up. To do things differently and to embrace the inevitable growing pains that come with being free. 

You got this. 

Hugs & Love,

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Round the World in 7 Days: Learning to Embrace the Suck


Have you ever dreamed of booking a one-way ticket somewhere?   Sounds so thrilling, right?

I think it's the empowering combination of uncertainty, adventure, and spontaneity as one-way tickets are often purchased on a whim.   

This was the case for me a couple of weeks ago when I decided to return to Bali after officiating my best friend’s wedding in Boston.   

I was sitting by the pool at a Villa my friends and I were renting in Canggu (a beach town here in Bali), we were lounging on the beanbags, getting some work done, when I realized I still didn’t know what I was going to do after my trip to Boston.   

The wedding was a week away and I had no idea what my plans were afterward. 

Would I go back to Austin? Go visit friends in Toronto? Go back to Virginia to scoop my dog from my mom’s house?   

None of this felt right.   

What I did know, was that Mama Bali kept calling.  

Just come back, she whispered in the ocean breeze. We’re not finished, I heard in the trees.   

Aside from her intoxicating beauty and affordable cost of living I had just learned to drive a scooter. This new-found freedom felt like a game changer, and this freshly independent Kim knew that back-to-Bali was the only answer.   

My friends thought I was nuts.   

“You’re going to fly all the way to the states--for 3 days--and then fly all the way back??”  


“That’s 60-something hours of travel in under a week..??”  


It sounded like an adventure to me.   

I embraced the exhaustion, the swollen legs, the carb-heavy airplane food, and the extended period of time without a shower or bed. If the end-result was that I got to be in two of my favorite places in the world in the same week, then I was all in.   

I think that we often miss out on the things we really want in life, because we’re not willing to endure the “struggle” required to get there.   

Want a six-pack, but unwilling to give up pizza for pilates? Good luck!   

Want to launch a side hustle and quit your job, but unwilling to trade Netflix for late nights working on the new biz? Enjoy that office Christmas party!  

Want a deeper, more passionate relationship, but unwilling to give up “being right”? It'll never work!  

I'll admit, I’ve experienced this confronting truth time and time again in my own business. I want to be an author, but for years I was unwilling to give up feeling “safe” for the sake of being seen. (Yes, even the Bold Life girl needs these reminders.)  

Can you think of an area in your life that you’ve been playing small, playing it safe, or avoiding the “struggle” necessary to reach your real goal?   

We all have them. Whether it’s in your work, your health, your relationships, your creativity, your sexuality, or even your spirituality, there is usually pain (or at least compromise) and growth that is required to get us to where we want to be.   

If you want to be in Bali, then Boston, and then Bali again in one week, you take 6 flights, fly for 60+ hours, and sleep sitting up for a few days. Period.  

If you want to become a better musician,  you practice. Even when you suck, even when it feels boring, even when you’re not in the mood.   

To improve your health, you turn your “eating out” budget into your “personal trainer” budget, and you endure the withdrawals from sugar, and the pain (and pleasure) of feeling your muscles get stronger.  

Bali is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, but like most South East Asian countries, I’m earning that beauty every day. If you don’t learn to endure the chaotic scooter traffic, or the humidity, or the pace of life, it will drive you mad. And in turn, chew you up and spit you out.   

Mama Bali gives me exactly what I need to grow, whether I want it or not. And just as Bali called me back into her arms, my hunch is that each dream you feel called to is using that siren call to bring you through the journey required to get there.  

It’s actually more about what you learn while you earn the dream, than the actualization of the dream itself.   

Just as the flights counted down from six, to five, to four and eventually my feet touched the ground here in Bali, the same can be said for every challenge we face, or journey we embark upon.  

Eventually, it ends.   

So, don’t be afraid to commit to things that call your name.

Book the ticket, pick up the instrument, launch the website, sign up for the course. Let the hustle excite you, embrace the adventure that will greet you as you set out on your quest for a better life. 

You deserve all the joy and fulfillment that sits on the other side of fear; on the other side of the "struggle." 

Want a behind-the-scenes look at what led me to move to Bali for a month & some of the life-changing activities I've been getting into? Then check out the all-new episodes of The Bold Life Movement Podcast:

(Click the Episode to watch now)

Frog Poison & Stinky Fruit: How Changing Your Perspective Changes the Experience


Have you ever noticed that when we assume something is going to turn out a certain way, it often does? 

It’s sort of a blessing and a curse, really. Because more than not, when we are anxious about something, that anxiety makes it damn near impossible to enjoy the experience.   

But if we use this concept to our advantage, then it can not only turn seemingly terrifying situations into more enjoyable ones, but it can even transmute the ordinary into the extraordinary.   

Let me give you an example…

I’m currently living in Bali for a couple of months and I have a friend here, Andrew, who decided to try Kambo, or “Tree Frog Medicine."   

A month ago, I had no idea what that even was, so in case you’re in the same boat, here’s a brief background:   

Kambo is known for its medicinal and psycho-spiritual effects. The medicine (poison) is obtained from the skin of frogs found in the Amazon, and it’s absorbed into the body by first burning holes into the skin with an incense stick, then applying the poisonous secretion to these holes so that it can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.  

As if that wasn’t terrifying enough, the medicine can then cause swelling in the face, and repetitive purging to cleanse the body.   

After discovering this modality last month, I went down an obligatory research rabbit hole and decided pretty quickly this wasn’t for me.   

My friend, however, felt called to “the toad” and committed to doing a ceremony here. As the day got closer and closer, his anxiety increased. While some people report massive shifts in health, there are also severe risks involved with Kambo.   

Every time I saw him, he was journaling, or lost in thought, trying to clarify why he was doing this. What was his intention?   

Then he realized that if he was going to go through with it, he might as well try and embrace the experience as much as possible. Instead of focusing on the inevitable discomfort and the permanent scars as a bad thing, he decided that these were part of his “initiation.”   

This very tribal ceremony would be part of his journey in tapping into his masculinity, and this new perspective actually created a new-found level of excitement! The communities he was raised in didn’t have any manhood initiation ceremonies to speak of, so this would be his.  

Cleansing the past, cleansing his body. There would be life pre-Kambo, and life after.   

Simply by reframing the experience, he was able to enter into it with a radically different emotion. He alchemized anxiety into excitement and it resulted in a beautiful ceremony that he will never forget.   

I used this same reframing tactic when I was preparing for my TEDx talk. Whenever people asked me if I was nervous, I would say, “No, I’m so excited! It’s going to be so fun!” And you know what? It was! It’s the only public speaking event I can recall where I didn’t have an ounce of nerves. I re-programmed myself to think it was going to be fun, instead of focusing on the potential “nerves” that would be a totally normal response.   


Here in Bali, I applied this principle yet again when I tried Durian for the first time.

Durian is a fruit commonly seen in South East Asia, and most known for its distinct and pungent odor. It’s so fragrant that many hotels and modes of public transport have banned it.  

I’ve successfully avoided the infamous fruit since first moving to Vietnam back in 2013.  

Until this past week.   

I was attending a potluck at a friend’s villa and noticed a group of people gathered in a circle on the floor. My friend Eric had a large knife and was cutting open what looked like a funky pineapple. As I got closer, the smell clued me into the fact that this was no pineapple. The group was moaning with delight over durian.   

I couldn’t understand it.   

But I’m open minded…most of the time… so I decided this was my moment. Despite my body's resistance, I was finally going to try Durian.  

My friend Dan said, “Forget everything you think you know about Durian, and just observe the flavor. Try not to label it.”   And so I did. Instead of labeling the scent as “rancid” I just let be “complex.” The flavor was dynamic, and the texture unique. It was like a fleshy custard, and I was actually able to see how people would enjoy the taste.   

“I don’t hate it…” I said. “I might even like it….I think I like it!”   It was such a simple, but illuminating moment for me, and a great reminder that if we let go of the pre-judgments we have for things we might actually enjoy them.   

No matter how strong the scent, how scary the experience, how challenging the obstacle, when we change how we look at something, the thing we’re looking at changes.   

This concept has proved fruitful (pun-intended) in so many phases of the journey to creating a fulfilling life.   

I’m so passionate about helping you to see the world in a way that works FOR you, not against you, that I’m releasing a new training this week to help you create life on YOUR terms.   

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Stay tuned for these upcoming goodies!

Big Bali Hugs,

Shifting Your Focus Off of Fear

I’m currently in New York City visiting friends, and soaking up the magic that this city always seems to offer during the holidays. New York is SO full of energy and life, that it can actually be a hit or miss for me.

I remember, one of the first times I came to this city, I spent the entire day terrified that someone was going to pickpocket me. My hands stayed glued to the insides of my pockets, and I maintained an exhausting-but-impressive death grip on my wallet for hours. I don’t even know when I started believing that this petty theft was an inevitability, but I knew with CERTAINTY that it was going to happen. At some point, some person had instilled in me this knowledge that when you go to a big city, you will get robbed.

New York.JPG

I was 12 years old. I think at most there was $20 in my wallet. It’s highly unlikely that someone was going to target my broke ass as I waited in line outside the Radio City Music Hall for the Rockettes show to begin. 

But that didn’t matter. The actual probability was irrelevant.

You see, when a fear is born, it becomes your reality. It doesn’t matter how absurd, or improbable it is.  It doesn’t matter the source. This new fear becomes a very real part of your experience. 

Unfortunately, that means that so many of us are going through life gripping the proverbial wallet, instead of just enjoying the moment. We stay in our head instead of in our heart. We avoid things that we might enjoy, and ultimately find ourselves regretting all those moments we didn’t seize because we were too busy letting fear take the wheel. 

How many times have you avoided something because you were too scared of messing it up? Or of what people would say? 

How many times have you gone through the motions of something, but inside your mind is reeling with all the ways that it might go wrong? 

This is no way to live. 

Life is too short to let our fears do all the decision-making. 

“Fear is just excitement without breath.”

So breathe. Acknowledge your fears as a sign of what’s important to you. Dance with them, dismantle them and realize that most of them are completely illogical. 

Pushing through your fears, and embracing the discomfort that comes with it is like any other muscle. The more you work it, the better you’ll get at it. 

Now, when I visit this city, I spend my efforts looking up at the impressively tall buildings, instead of looking out for people who want to take my money. I use my hands to pet dogs in the park instead of satisfying my need for security. I’m open, instead of closed. I’m present with the possibilities, instead of preoccupied with my anxieties.

How can you shift your focus today from what scares you to what excites you? 

Life is too short to live any other way. 

Hugs & Love,

PS - If you want even MORE tips for avoiding regret, and facing your fears, check out my recent TEDx talk: The Antidote to Regret

How to Prepare for a TEDx Talk


Public speaking can be very polarizing. The mere thought can send some people spiraling into sheer panic, and reaching for the nearest bottle of wine (or xanax). And then there are those who crave the spotlight, who excel mic-in-hand, and who embrace any opportunity to perform or present for the masses.

No matter which of these camps you fall into, if you’re looking to build a brand, or spread a message, public speaking can be an integral part of that journey. 

Last year I made the [bold] declaration to get a TEDx talk on the calendar. My public speaking experience at the time included a few Toastmasters speeches and one workshop for 50-100 people. In other words, not much.

But I felt called to do it! And whether or not I was “ready” the wheels were set in motion. 

If you have a similar dream, first, know that it’s totally possible. Second, read the information below and alter to suit your circumstances; while it’s helpful to follow what others have done before you, don’t let a strict plan of action keep you from recognizing serenditpity when she presents herself to you.

Below are the steps I took to prepare for TEDx Coeur d’Alene, and how I would do things differently next time.

Before You Apply, Get Clear on Your Why

Why you decide to give a TEDx may be different than the next person, but I can assure you that no matter what your reasoning, understanding your core why will help you throughout the process. 

When you’re composing the tenants of your talk, when you’re struggling to feel worthy of giving it, when you’re pitching the idea to people for help - all of these situations will be easier if you’re super clear - and SUPER EXCITED - by your why. 

Application Process

Typically when you’re pursuing a TEDx speaking opportunity it looks like this: 

  • You visit the TEDx site, and see which events are 3-4 months out, in your area. 
  • Send the organizer an email, pitching your idea (don’t include the speech.) 
  • Be succinct, passionate, and show either why your idea is new and novel, or how you intend to present it is new and novel. 
  • Follow up. 
  • If you’re willing to travel, look for opportunities in other cities as well! Smaller cities may have less competition for speaker spots. 

My Application process looked like this:

  • July 2016 - Decided to “get serious” about giving a TEDx talk. 
  • November 2016 - Met someone who [unbeknownst to me] had helped plan a previous TEDx event. Shared with him my goals for The Bold Life Movement + TEDx. 
  • May 2017 - My friend made an intro to the organizer of TEDxCoeurdalene. We scheduled a call, and I pitched my idea! 
  • A few weeks later, I was accepted!

How to Prepare

Once I was accepted, I actually sat on the news for a couple months while the TEDx team ironed out dates, venues, etc. This was hard. 

Not being able to share exciting news with your community is very challenging! It also contributed to procrastination on my part for writing my actual talk. In my mind, it wasn’t real until it was announced. 

Once the news went public, I dove in. 

The Research Phase

Leverage Your Network

WHO: I reached out to friends of mine who had given TEDx talks in the past, and either probed them with questions via email, or scheduled time on their calendar. Though I’d been given validation by mere acceptance, I still felt self conscious about some of my ideas and wanted feedback. 

WHEN: Much of the support came early on in the writing process; we’d meet and simply jam on my ideas. They helped me get early feedback on which stories were more compelling, and we fleshed out some of the core tenants of the talk. 

WHAT: I also received help from a storytelling perspective, and TEDx specific advice. Here is some examples: 

  • Use the Hero’s journey to create the talk format (Note: The audience is the hero, and I am the guide.) 
  • Make it about the audience as much as possible. 
  • Show early on in the speech that I was once in their shoes. 
  • Deliver value from the start; people should know within 60 seconds of watching what the talk is about. 
  • Ensure that the talk is being filmed, get specifics on how many cameras. 
  • Ask for approval of the thumbnail used once the video is live; this is all part of the marketing. 
  • Enlist the help of a researcher to determine your talk title - have them compile a list, and compare the most watched TEDx talks & their titles. 

What I’d do differently: Speaking to too many people early on the process can be a form of procrastination. You also get a LOT of opinions before you’ve even been able to flesh out the ideas yourself. I would likely start writing sooner next time, and trust my gut a bit more through the brainstorm process. 


Two books which I found helpful were, Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo and Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards. While one is specifically designed to help you construct an effective TED-like talk, the other is really useful for understanding how to have greater influence with people (the entire purpose of the talk). 

Some of the key things I learned: 

  • How to use your body - everything from leaning, to hand gestures. 
  • How many words your talk should have
  • What makes a talk memorable
  • How to incorporate sensory experience
  • The power of passion
  • How successful talks follow a similar formula

"The more hand gestures, the more successful the talk."

- Vanessa Van Edwards

TED Talks

In Talk Like TED, Gallo lists a variety of TED talk examples, and even reverse-engineers why they were so impactful. I did similar research of my own, and watched many of the talks referenced in the book, comparing them to one another to see what elements they shared. 

Everything from how and when they used humor, to the pattern with which they told stories and where in the talk they chose to include scientific data. My Evernote is now chalked full of TED talk dissections. 

Pro-tip: A friend who consulted on my talk (and has give FOUR TEDx talks of his own) suggested that I listen to The Moth Podcast to get familiar with compelling storytelling. 

The Writing Process


For the notes I took while reading the aforementioned books, I defaulted to the ol’ paper and pen. I will embrace any opportunity to get off of a screen, and I genuinely believe that brainstorming is easier with pen-in-hand. 


I’m an Evernote nerd, and I have been since 2013. I have yet to find a comparable note-taking app that so much as tempts me to switch. Evernote allows me to easily switch from my TED-talk notes, to my rough outline, and back again.


If you want feedback from people as you go, and the ability to easily track changes you make to the document, google docs is your friend. I was able to receive comments from friends, track changes, and easily duplicate the document to create new fresh versions of my speech. 

Practice Makes Polished

One of the most common best practices among all the TED speakers referenced in Talk Like TED is that they practiced their talk. Some for upwards of 200 hours. 

When I started preparing, I thought, that will be me! I had lofty ambitions of finishing the first draft months ahead of schedule, and scheduling presentations (which I called “performances”) for a variety of audiences here in Austin. I wanted to present, get feedback, tweak, repeat. I hoped to present to friends, mentors, and individuals who were my target audience. 

None of that happened. If I’m honest, I presented the working draft a total of two times for a friend who insisted that this was the best way for him to help me edit it.

And the final version, I presented just once the night before I flew out, to my best friend. He sat on the couch in my living room wearing sunglasses so our eye contact wouldn’t be too awkward. #whataguy

I did nail that living-room performance, but it definitely was not the aggressive practice/present schedule that I’d envisioned months earlier.

Practice pro-tip #1: If you decide to use slides in your presentation, spring for your own clicker.

I originally was using an app on my phone to click through the slides on the computer, but it was ghetto and inconsistent. Consistency is KEY when you’re memorizing a talk; everything is anchored into your memory, from physical gestures to voice inflection, to slide clicks.

This is the Wireless Presenter that I bought, and I’ve loved it: Logitech Wireless Presenter r400

Practice pro-tip #2: Record yourself.

I had recorded a couple audio-only versions of the talk to send to people for feedback, but it wasn't sufficient.

a) Because this was before I had memorized the speech, so I was reading it, vs. presenting it with passion.

b) Because you don't get a sense of what body language improvements to make, unless you watch yourself on camera. So prop up your iPhone, or find a cheap tripod, and hit record. Don't overcomplicate this piece.  

What to Wear

Deciding what to wear may not seem like that big of a deal, but how you present yourself will affect how you’re perceived. If you’re looking to leverage this talk beyond the 18 minutes you’re on stage, then you want the thousands (nay, millions!) of people who watch it online to get a positive sense of who you are. 

When picking your outfit, be sure it’s:

  • On brand
  • Professional
  • Authentic

I actually spent time researching what colors, styles and even jewelry choices were donned by some of the world's top TED speakers.

What I learned: 

  • Avoid all black or all white - it can be hard for the camera to pick up. 
  • Avoid stripes.
  • Choose something that matches your personality, AND the personality of your talk. 
  • Ensure that the ensemble doesn’t distract from the message. 

Of course there are exceptions to every rule (see: Liz Gilbert’s Famous TED talk on creativity. She wore all black, and that speech has been seen more than 3 million times.) 

When I was planning my outfit, the exact piece I was looking for, I described as a “sassy but professional jumpsuit”. In my mind, this was bold, sexy, but serious enough to be taken seriously. 

In the end, everything I had ordered online turned out to be a bust, and I spent the day before my trip scouring the mall, praying that my dream piece would find me. It did! My power dress (as deemed by a good friend) made me feel just that - powerful.  

In the end, you want something that makes you feel confident. So steer clear of things that show sweat, that bunch, or that make you feel stiff and serious. 

Be yourself so the audience can hear what you have to say. 

Pro-tip: Plan ahead. Running around the mall the day before is not for the feint of heart.


Since TEDx talks are independently run, it’s unlikely that you’ll find an organizer willing to pay you to speak. That being said, you can find opportunities that don’t cost a lot. 

Here are things that ended up costing me money: 

  • Flight
  • Dress
  • Business Cards
  • Wireless Presenter
  • Incidentals while traveling

Here are are ways to save money on your TEDx experience: 

  • Choose a local event (save on travel)
  • Wear something you already own
  • Don’t bring swag like books or other branded materials (it’s against the rules for you to give it out anyway.)
  • Stay with a friend or family member, if you do travel.*

*I was lucky, because the organizer put me up at his B&B, and leant me a car, both of which saved me a lot of money. Gifts and opportunities abound in this entire experience.  

Event Time!

Dress Rehearsal

The day before your event, there will be a dress rehearsal. If there’s not, that’s a huge red flag. The rehearsal is the perfect opportunity for you to iron out any tech issues, to get comfortable in the space, and to meet the organizer and other speakers. 

You’d be amazed how often the google slides vs. keynote vs. powerpoint issue arises. If your presentation includes audio or video, that adds another layer of complexity. 

Try to get a full run through with everything working perfectly before leaving for the night. 

What I would do differently: Dress for the part, 100%.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The pictures you see in this post are actually from the dress rehearsal. I didn’t know that when they were first released, and chances are, you couldn’t tell either. What tipped me off was that my hair is not curled. 

I learned later that the photographer was actually not in the room during my speech on the actual day, so he used the shots he got at the dress rehearsal. Had I known this was a potential outcome, I would have gone the extra 10% and done my hair.

Moving forward, I will treat every dress rehearsal like it is the REAL DEAL. 

Day Of

On the morning of the event, I woke up and continued reciting my talk in my head. I practiced it FULL out, as I drove the 30 minutes to the venue (as best I could for sitting behind the wheel of a moving vehicle). And once there, I gave it a couple more run-throughs in the dressing room. I was confident in my talk, but the act of practicing gave me an excuse not to engage too much with the other speakers before my speech. 

Why this is important: If you’re someone who takes on other people’s energy, that self awareness can help you avoid people when it’s important for you to be on your game. 

I knew if I let the nerves of the other speakers into my headspace, it would mess with my vibe. So, I welcomed my family, made jokes with my best friend, and avoided caffeine and incessant small talk until after my talk was over. 

The truth? I actually wasn't nervous. 

Here’s what I believe contributed to that (and how you can achieve the same):

No. 1: I loved my talk! By the time the big day came, I had refined it enough and trimmed enough of the fat that I felt genuinely excited to give it. Which leads me to number 2. 

No. 2: I was excited! If anyone ever asked me, “Are you nervous?" I would say, “No, I’m excited!” This was intentional, and there’s actual scientific support for why it works. You can learn more in Vanessa Van Edward’s TEDx talk: You are Contagious. 

No 3: I knew the information. I had practiced the talk enough that it was legitimately anchored into my body. I felt certain that I could get on stage and perform, because I felt prepared. 

Pro-tip: Choose your time slot. 

We were asked by the organizer if we had a preference on when we’d like to present. After my original “in the morning” request was somehow switched to an afternoon slot, I followed up. 

I wanted to be late enough in the morning that people were awake, but early enough that I didn’t have all day to get nervous. And I definitely didn’t want to be right after lunch. Well, ask and you shall receive; I ended up with the first slot after the first break, and it was perfect. 

Having the support of my family and friends, and hearing the positive feedback from the crowd made it one of the funnest days of my career. 

After my speech was done, I joined the audience and soaked up the content from the other speakers. That night, all the speakers and their guests shared a meal (and a few drinks) to celebrate. 

Post Event

You may think that once the event is over, the work is done, but that’s far from the truth. If you’re looking to leverage the talk to grow your community (and also your email list) then it’s important to get clear on how you plan to do that, and to start implementing the systems to make it possible. Get those landing pages up, get those funnels in place. 

Since I mention my forthcoming book in the talk, one of the things I’m very focused on right now is getting the book out. This is no easy task, so it’s been helpful to understand when the talk might go live. 

Depending on the size of your event (and the experience/bandwidth of the video crew) it could be anywhere from 3-8 weeks. I’ve heard it can even take longer. If you want the post-event process to be smooth, my advice is to create a positive relationship with your organizer. He or she is the one to inform you about updates, and help you tweak things that will be submitted to TEDx. 

One of the elements of post-production you might not think about (or maybe it’s all you think about) is what do to do when the haters get their hands on your talk. If you’re aggressively trying to spread your message, then it’s inevitable some viewers will not jive with your topic, or your stories, or what you chose to wear that day. 

And that’s okay. Hater gonna hate. It is literally impossible to please everyone with your words or actions, so put into place some sort of process that let’s you reply to the positive or constructive comments on youtube, and bypass the toxic trolls. 

You are too busy changing the world to try and change the minds of a select few.  


I hope this was helpful! If you have any additional questions, please pop them into the comments below. 

Check out the full TEDx talk:

How to Sell Your Stuff for Top Dollar

What a whirlwind few weeks it has been. Three states, 2 countries, a TEDx talk, and the most turquoise water you’ve ever seen.

You can catch a peek of the adventure here and here

The TEDx experience deserves its own post (coming later this week) because frankly there’s so much I want to share with you about the process. If you've ever thought “I want to do that!” well then let me tell you, you should. (And more importantly, you totally can.)

To make that dream more accessible, I’ll be breaking down everything from the application, to researching and writing the talk, to picking out what to wear, to travel, cost, post-event, and more. 

Remember that anytime you see someone else achieve a goal or dream you have, it’s only proof that it’s possible. So look out for that BTS TEDx post, coming soon.

In the meantime, I have other exciting news!

On this week’s episode of The Bold Life Movement Podcast, entrepreneur and author Kevin Dubrosky comes on to talk about his latest book, 'The Whale Vomit Method.’

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In ’The Whale Vomit Method, Kevin teaches you 'the simplest, fastest, easiest way to stand out from the competition, sell your stuff for top dollar, and still sleep like a baby.'

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Kevin has made a living walking the walk of the Whale Vomit Method, and helping his consulting clients to elevate their brands and sell higher priced goods for almost a decade. Despite his consulting success he’s decided to transition careers, and in our conversation, we dive deep into this bold decision. 

Click Here and tune in Wednesday to watch Kevin Dubrosky on The Bold Life Movement Podcast, and enter for a chance to win his book, ‘The Whale Vomit Method.'

The Whale Vomit Method

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$77 Value - Free to Enter. Seems like a no-brainer...

How to be whatever you want to be


In 2013, I read a book that changed my life. Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Work Week exposed me to a whole new world, and a whole new way of living that I was immediately drawn to. Location independence and longterm travel became my obsession and almost over night, I had committed to leaving my 9-5 job. 

This moment of decision was pivotal for many reasons. Not only did I change the trajectory of my life (away from daily commutes and happy hours, and towards entrepreneurship, travel, and inevitably personal growth) but I proved an extremely important concept that we often forget...

That concept is this: We have the ability to become something new, and live in a  new way, in any given moment. We can literally be, do and have, anything we want, starting NOW. All we have to do is decide. 

Instead of letting myself get overcome with fear-based thoughts about how I was going to execute this plan to become a perma-traveler, and instead of focusing on the fact that I had never been an entrepreneur or freelancer before, so how could I be so audacious to think I could be now, I chose new more empowering thoughts.

I chose hope, and committed to learning and taking action on a daily basis. I chose new habits, and new social circles. I let go of labels that kept me stuck and in a few short months I was boarding a plane for my new life. 

So many people resist pursuing their interests (or worse, their big dreams) because these visions don’t match up with the identity they currently have for themselves. These exciting new goals don’t fit inside the box they’ve chosen to live in. They’re so committed to the past, and who they think it’s made them, that they avoid creating a new more desirable future. Instead they choose what's familiar, what's safe. And they stay stuck...

Have you ever wanted something but resisted pursuing it because that thing, or person, or experience didn’t match what you thought you deserved or were capable of? 

For example, maybe you resisted joining a social sports league because “you’ve never been very athletic." Or maybe you avoided getting up at Karaoke because "you can’t carry a tune." Both of which leave you feeling excluded, a little regretful, and disappointed. 

Perhaps you declined an invitation to go skydiving because "you’re not an adventurous person” but deep down, you wish you were. Newsflash, if you want to be something, you ARE that thing! All you have to do is stop choosing the old way of being. It really is that simple.  

Whatever it is that we want, but are resisting, it can often be tied back to the same core issue: our inability to see that just because it’s always been a certain way, does not mean it’s always going to be that way. We are malleable beings, and we can mold and shape ourselves and our lives.

Our egos may cling to these identities that we’ve created for ourselves, because we don’t realize that we actually have the option to alter our identity in any moment. We can literally be any way that we want to be. We just have to decide.

To illustrate this point further, let’s bust some well-known myths about why we are the way we are. 

The Nature Myth:
You may think that your parents passed down certain genetic traits to you, that are inherent and inevitable and unchanging. For example, just as you inherited your caramel eyes and olive skin from your feisty Latina mother, you also inherited her temper and use of guilt in conflict. But that’s completely false. You can choose to react in a new way. You can break the chain by living a more intentional life than your family members may have chosen. 

Just as you are not carved in stone when you are born, confining you to a certain set of characteristics and personality traits, you are also not exempt from new ones that you may desire. 

For example, no one is born an entrepreneur. People become entrepreneurs because they decide to be one, and then they take courses, read books, and find mentors to learn how to run a business. Similarly, no one is born an olympic athlete. People become Olympic athletes because they commit to learning the sport, hire the best coaches and practice obsessively for years. 

You are able to change your identity and become good at something by first ridding yourself of the label that you are not that thing, and then going out and actually doing it. 

"Nothing about your past dictates your future.”
- Tony Robbins

The Nurture Myth: 
Similar to the misconception that you are born a certain way, there is also the notion that you are groomed to be a certain way. And that way is unchanging.

In reality, your upbringing does not dictate “who you are” or “how you are.” You choose to identify with the qualities of your parents and siblings. Coming from a poor family does not mean you are poor, and will always be poor. Many wealthy people come from poverty; they change their financial situation because they disidentify with being poor, and take action towards acquiring wealth. 

Most of how we live, and what we think are a product of habits. We get into the habit of behaving a certain way, and therefore we identify with that way of being. We label ourselves as that, and begin to think thoughts that reinforce it. Which in turn encourages the very habit. It’s a cycle that can seem impossible to break, but it’s not. 

Every breath is an opportunity to change. Every moment is a chance to choose differently. To choose a new “I am” statement, and take a new action. 

Instead of “ I am shy” you can say, “I have chosen to act shyly in the past, but now I am choosing to go and talk to that group of strangers."

Instead of “I’m not a good writer” you can flip the script by saying, “I have chosen to listen to my fears in the past and to avoid writing, but now I’m choosing to practice consistently each day. I’m choosing to learn more about style and voice by taking a writing course.” 

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”
- Coco Chanel

Don’t waste your life being “who you’ve always been” if that’s not actually who you desire to be. Understand that you can change up the story whenever you want. 

Here are some other labels you may have identified with in the past, and how you can move past them: 

In the past: You were not “messy” but rather opted for a chaotic environment. You chose to leave your things on the ground, in the sink, in your car, etc.

Starting now: You can start choose the alternative. You can choose to be someone who always hangs clothes instead of leaving them on the floor. You can spend the 20 seconds rinsing the dish and putting it in the dishwasher. Do this more than once, and you start to create momentum. You begin to shift from someone who identifies as “messy” to someone who is intentional about their space, and takes micro actions all day long to keep it clean. 

Musically Challenged 
In the past: You may have been told by a parent or teacher that you weren’t gifted with music and ergo chose to identify as someone who couldn’t sing or play an instrument. By accepting this label, you therefore never sang in your car or picked up an instrument to play.

Starting now: You can rewrite this story, by renting or buying an instrument, taking lessons, and practicing. Even by knowing a few chords, or one song you have become someone different. You have become someone who plays an instrument. 

Bad with Money
In the past: You may have succumbed to overwhelm and turned a blind eye.  In reality you were choosing to throw away receipts, to ignore how much you spent, to open credit cards carelessly. 

Starting now: You can choose to behave like someone who is financially aware. You can track your purchases in an app on your phone, or pay off your credit cards once a week. You can hire an accountant to help you with your taxes and set up automated systems for saving. You can instantly turn what was a disempowering area of your life, into a a powerful new set of habits. All you have to do is decide.

“It is in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped.”
- Tony Robbins

Your future depends entirely on the decisions you make in each new moment.

What decisions will you make today?

How will use this moment to start moving towards the life you really want?

Remember that you really can be whatever you want. You just have to decide. 

The truth behind my TEDx prep

One of the reasons I love living in Austin is the type of people who have also chosen to live in Austin. Specifically, inspiring, intelligent, supportive people. Austinites are great about banding together to help each other, and I’m always amazed by this.

When I asked a few friends to provide some insight on my upcoming TEDx talk, I didn’t realize what an emotional rollercoaster it would take me on. Gratitude, fear, and humility collided inside me.

Over the past week I’ve spent close to 4 hours brainstorming with fellow TEDx-ers, and people I’m lucky enough to call friends. Since I think there’s a lot of hype in the entrepreneurial world, and not enough behind-the-scenes realness being shared, I wanted to pull back the curtain for you on this TEDx prep process.

When I sat down for the first brainstorm session on Saturday, I was literally shaking. I didn’t realize how vulnerable it would be to share yet-to-be-fleshed-out ideas with people whose opinions I value. I didn’t realize how exposed I’d feel sharing the stories that I’m considering including in the talk. I didn’t realize the amount of “not-enoughness” that would bubble to the surface, because I’m such an advocate for vulnerability and visibility!

What I realized was this misconception that so many people have about what it means to be bold, to be courageous. That it must mean you have removed fear from the equation. The truth is this: Doing the scary thing that you feel called to do, does not mean you are fearless.

It means that you do it in spite of your fear. It means that you trust you're on the right path, and that the Universe has your back.

It took a few days of hiding, and a session with my own coach to remember the truth; that this opportunity came to me so effortlessly because I’m meant for it. That the organizer chose me because only I can share the stories I have, in the way that I’m going to share them.

Think of a situation in your life where you were called to step up before you felt ready. Did you falter and fall flat on your face? Or did you embrace the discomfort, and soldier on? Did you perhaps show up in ways that you didn’t even know were possible?

During the session with my high performance coach this past week, he said something that I’ve heard a million times before but never fully listened to- until now.

He said, “Trust that everything you have inside you, is all that you need."

In other words, I am enough.

This doesn’t mean, don’t get help from supportive people who have been where you want to go.

This doesn’t mean, don’t practice the talk hundreds of times before game day.

This means, it’s okay to be scared, but it’s not necessary. Acknowledge the fear, allow it, but don’t stop moving towards the goal. Don’t let the fear paralyze you and keep you from what you’re meant for.

We’re all going to feel like we’re not enough from time to time. A daily diet of self-help books will never rid you of self-doubt completely. But it will make it far more manageable, because you’ll have better tools to get yourself back on track.

What is important to remember is that those who succeed have mastered the art of action in the face of fear. They persist, even when faced with the ‘resistance’.

Take a look at your life. What have you been letting fear hold you back from? Where can you embody the boldness that is inside of you, and step into action again?

With enough practice, public speaking may become second nature. And sharing personal stories could lose its emotional effect on me. But for now, I’m honoring that this is a big step outside my comfort zone, and only by taking this leap can I truly have the impact I know I’m meant to have.

Fear shows us we’re growing, and that we’re on the right path to our highest self. Don’t look for ways to eliminate fear, look for opportunities to embrace it.

With deep understanding,

How The Bold Life Movement is Changing

You know the saying “the only thing constant is change”? As cliche as it may be, I see evidence of that everywhere.

In my relationships, in my business, in other people’s businesses. There are seasons and there are phases. Sometimes you’re hustling your butt off, sometimes you’re focusing on generating ideas and strategy. Sometimes you feel head over heels, sometimes you’re doing the work to stay connected. Sometimes you feel super clear about where you’re going, other times you wonder how you even got to where you are.

Since launching The Bold Life Movement, I’ve experienced my own share of ups and downs, and U-turns, and back flips. My offers have evolved, my focus has shifted— sometimes I even felt bad about that. But truth is that it’s totally normal.

If you ever question how other people 'have it so easy', I guarantee you that you’re not seeing the whole picture. You’re not seeing the late nights, the behind the scenes thrashing. You’re not privy to the conversations with their family, friends and mentors. You don't see all the effort required to figure out the next move.

Today’s post is to celebrate and announce the next big phase of The Bold Life Movement (yayyy!), but I couldn’t do that without first sharing that it’s just one part of an ongoing journey. That I did not start my business with the clarity I have today, and that if you feel lost or demotivated right now, just know that this too shall pass.

Keep doing the work, keep going back to your ‘Why' (be it in your career, in your relationship, etc.) Just know that nothing about your past dictates your future and it’s NEVER too late to reinvent yourself.

*Now that that’s out of the way…*

Though I've already announced this to my inner circle, this is the first time I've shared the news for alllll to see. So, It’s with a VERY happy heart that I officially open the doors to the brand NEW High Performance Coaching program. *cue confetti*

I recently spent 5 days in San Diego at an intensive training with 200 other coaches, learning from the 2nd highest paid performance coach in the entire world (second only to Tony Robbins).

Follow me on instagram for real time updates like these!

It was one of the most exciting weeks in my business to date. We spent every day learning the principles of high performance, immersing ourselves in the curriculum, coaching through every session AND getting to experience the program as a client ourselves.

Since launching The Bold Life Movement almost 2 years ago, I can honestly say this was the best investment I’ve ever made, and I’ve never been more confident in my ability to serve you on your path to a better life.

Becoming a high performer is simply about living out your highest potential in ALL areas of your life. It’s about taking things to the next level, and this program is a research-based approach to doing that.

If you’re still unsure what High Performance Coaching is, or you want to know why I invested thousands of dollars to become certified in it, then check out this video I made here.

If you feel called to take your life to the next level, then go ahead and apply for the free strategy session. I guarantee it will be one of the most impactful 60 minutes you’ve spent on the phone with a coach, and that’s just the first call.

If any part of you feels ready to step up your game, then do yourself this favor. Check out the video and see if a free coaching call is a fit for you.

In celebration,

Takeaways from Meeting Tim Ferriss

Photo Credit: fourhourworkweek.com

Photo Credit: fourhourworkweek.com

On Friday I met the man who changed my whole life. 

It was just like any other Friday; a girlfriend and I had been crafting and sipping chardonnay at one of my favorite spots in Austin, CRAFT. (If you live in Austin and have any sort of creative tendencies or aspirations, I highly recommend you check it out). 

We wrapped up our girl talk, our greeting-card-making, and decided it would be wise to find some dinner. After settling into some brisket & cheddar loaded fries (Austin-living, ya’ll!) I noticed him sitting a few tables away. 

With the hat on, it was hard to be sure, but after a few minutes of stealthy gawking, I was convinced.

It was definitely Tim Ferriss. 

And there was no chance in hell I was going to pass up talking to him. 

If you’re new to The Bold Life Movement, or me in general, I'll keep it brief: In 2013, I read Tim’s first book, The 4 Hour Work Week, and almost instantly my whole life was different. 

“People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.” 

-Tim Ferriss

I started obsessing about moving abroad and creating a life that more resembled my dreams (living on an island, working a mere 4 hours a week) vs. my nightmares (driving an hour to and from an office, working 14 hour days, dealing with irrational and irate clients). The sad fact was that at the time, my life looked a LOT like the latter. 

As a project manager for a web-agency, my primary client at the time was a global hotel chain, owned by our current president….if that gives you any sort of idea….

But once I had been exposed to the 4 Hour Work Week, things started shifting. I focused my time on things that excited me, I learned about new ideas and connected with people who shared my new-found values.

And within a VERY short time (4 months to be exact) I had quit my job and was on a plane headed for Barcelona, Berlin, and eventually Southeast Asia. 

I spent almost 2 years living all over the world, all because of a book I’d read. 

I dated radically different people than I had been meeting back in my hometown. Entrepreneurs, world travelers, Australians(!) At the time this felt very novel...

I learned about things like e-commerce, and blogging, and travel hacking. All because of a book I’d read.

This foray into Entrepreneurship has since led me to so many experiences, relationships, and professional paths that I never would have known had it not been for Tim’s book. And, equally as important, this new trajectory would not have come to fruition had I not taken immediate, bold action on this new knowledge I had, and the fire burning inside me to make some serious changes. 

So, as you can see, there was no chance I was not going to approach. 

But what the flip do you even say to the person who changed your whole life? How do you show a reasonable level of gratitude while still treating this person like a human being, and not a deity of mythical proportions. 

If you’re me… you serve up a cocktail of self-deprecating humor, appreciation for his work, and a few mutual interests or friends. 

In the end, Tim (who was dining alone, and I am apparently now on a first-name basis with) was more personable than I could have hoped. 

I gave him the 10-second version of how his work had impacted my life, I name-dropped a few common friends to imply proximity, and when it felt right, I told him about exciting things happening for the business (which wouldn’t even exist without the aforementioned book…you see how this works). 

This brazen approach is exactly how I originally connected with the mentors and influencers in 2013 who played very pivotal roles in the up-leveling of my life, and the creation of my business(es).

By ignoring my fear of rejection, and refusing to put anyone on a pedestal, I’ve been able to connect with people who inspire me time and time again. 

Sometimes these exchanges are brief, and seem like they won’t lead to any longterm connection, but later they turn into lucrative podcast episodes.

Some of these attempts have garnered me new friends (and even family), invaluable mentorships, speaking opportunities, and more. 

There’s nothing hard about what I employ, and it’s something you can do in your life and in your business too. Believe me when I say this: nurturing your network is SO important. Equally as important as learning marketing, or copywriting, or getting your website up. 

Here are some ways you can apply what I did in my recent introduction to your life and business: 

Seize opportunities

First and foremost, take advantage of opportunities to connect with people that you find impactful.

I’m not implying you should stalk everyone out and interrupt them during intimate meals. Read the room, use your social acuity. In the case of our friend, Tim Ferriss, he was dining alone, and I was sure to be brief. 

Seize the opportunities without overstaying your welcome. 

Here are some really easy ways to seize potential chances to connect with influencers: 

  • Go to their book signings or workshops
  • Join their livestream Q&As and ask questions
  • Buy their courses (especially if they include 1:1 or group calls)

Remember we’re all just humans

I won’t sit here (cappuccino in-hand) and pretend that I wasn’t nervous to walk up to a world-famous author and attempt to be memorable.

Of course I was.

But what helps me in these situations is to remember that (like everyone else in the world who has found success) he is but a human, and (like a lot of authors) he is an introvert.  Meaning, if he doesn’t wrap me up into a hug and insist that I join him at his table-for-one and share my entire journey since reading the book, I shouldn’t take it personally. 

Remember to treat these individuals like you would want to be treated.

Would you want to hear the impact of your work on someone’s life? Probably.

Would you want each person who approached you on the street or at a conference to launch into a 20-minute monologue about the effects of your work, before asking if he/she can send you their manuscript (a mere 100,000 words) and would you have a looksie? pretty please? Probably not.

Alleviate your anxiety by remembering that we all came into this world the same way, we all sit on the toilet the same way, and we’re all just here doing the best we can.

And increase your odds of connection by remembering the golden rule; treat he or she as you’d want to be treated in the same situation.

Or even better, treat someone as they would want to be treated. 

Play the long game

One thing that I’ve seen pay off time and time again, is a willingness to play the long game. To avoid making the much-desired ask on the first meeting.

If you can position yourself as a supporter, a peer, and most of all, a person of genuine interest and service you’re much more likely to connect deeper over time. 

A great example of this is my favorite Youtuber, and spiritual teacher JP Sears. When I first met JP he was attending a Tony Robbins event, and spent much of his downtime taking selfies with fans. 

Knowing that I would someday like to have him on the podcast, I avoided taking a picture with him and instead kept our encounter brief, light, and assumed the position of 'future friend' over 'die hard fan.' 

After the event ended, I released a JP-Sears-Inspired video about ‘How to Have an Ultra Spiritual Re-entry After Unleashing Your Power Within.’ My intentions with the video were two-fold: 

  1. I just thought it would be really freaken fun! 
  2. I knew if I posted the video and tagged JP in it, there was a chance he’d watch it, and I’d be back on his radar. 

Both proved true, and at the time of writing this, I’ve interviewed JP twice for The Bold Life Movement Podcast. Here is the Episode from Season 1. 

Whether you’re looking for book endorsements, podcast guests, a mentor, etc. this can be applied. Bide your time, be creative, come from service and know that typically the long game pays off. 


Connections can be the most fruitful investment you make in your business (and in your life). There's an art to being strategic and staying genuine, but it's nothing that even the most introverted person can't master. 

Have a similar story? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Signs & Serendipity Led Me to Connect with Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes - UPW LA.jpg

Last week I flew home from yet another AMAZING Tony Robbins event Los Angeles. I crewed Tony's Unleash the Power Within event, for the 3rd time, and per usual, the serendipitous moments were abundant. 

That being said, I almost didn’t go!

In fact, looking back, I realize that I almost didn’t go to all of the crew events I’ve attended. 

Here’s how this usually goes: I apply to crew, I’m super amped up about getting to contribute, and hang out with like-minded people, and immerse myself in transformation for 5 days.

And then life happens. 

Things come up. Other stuff seems more important… and I inevitably second-guess going, every time. 

Until I’m there, of course. Until I’m back with my people, impacting attendees, and feeling more “me” than most other situations I find myself in on any given day. 

This time was no different. I recently took a week-long trip to San Diego, where I attended Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy. With plans to return to San Diego again in June, this L.A. trip just felt like too much. 

I knew that there would be over 500 crew members working this event (the most to ever crew any Tony Event) and that if I didn’t go, it wouldn’t be detrimental. 

On my flight home from San Diego, this decision weighing heavily on my mind, I decided to put pen to paper in hopes of sorting out my thoughts.

I journaled about where I wanted my business to go (realizing that I wanted a heavy focus on leadership in the coming months) and I noted that I needed some sort of sign to show me that I should still take this upcoming trip to L.A.  

Well ask, and you shall receive, my friend. 

When I landed in Austin, I had a message on my phone from one of the crew captains, saying that I’d been “promoted” to Usher Lead at the upcoming event. This meant that I would have a team of about 25 people reporting to me, and I’d be on the radio with the other event leaders. 

It also meant I'd feel used, and gave me the exact purpose I’d been praying for. 

It felt like a clear sign from the Universe that I not only did I need to be there, but this was my chance to put my leadership skills to the test! What came from leading that team was beyond fulfilling. 

On day 3, I felt like I received yet another sign that I was in the right place. "Right place, right time" has never felt more accurate. 

In the early afternoon, on the 3rd day, I happen to be standing with the Crew director, who also happens to be in charge of the VIP guests, when he receives a call on the radio that one of the VIPs has arrive, and is ready to be escorted in. 

“Come with me,” he says, and grabs my hand. 

We walk out to customer service, and immediately I see the familiar 6’4 frame of none other than Lewis Howes. 

“You know Kimberly, right?” the crew director says pointing to me. 

Thank you for that, I think. 

Lewis doesn’t skip a beat. In typical Lewis fashion, he picks me up in one of his giant bear hugs, and I give an internal hat tip to the Universe and think, well played.

The Crew Director and I then escort Lewis into his seat, which happens to be right next to where I’m ushering that day. He doesn’t let the fact that he’s coming in mid-event deter him, and immediately he’s immersed dancing and yelling along with the 8,000 other attendees. Having attended UPW 5 years earlier, he’s familiar with the process and blends in as much as a former pro athlete can. 

Day 3 is transformation day, which means it’s not long until we’re heads down writing out some of our most limiting beliefs. When it comes time to partner up and share what we’ve just written down, Lewis is without a partner. He looks to me, a warm familiar face, and voila!

We become best friends, business partners and live happily ever after with our millions of dollars. 

Okay, not yet. But we do have a chance to connect more than we did at his book signing, or other brief run-ins at WDS. 

I go first, and share with him all of the things that have held me back in my business. All of the beliefs I have that I know aren’t serving me. When it’s his turn, I press him to dig deeper knowing that despite his success and all the work he’s done on himself, there’s always another layer. 

I won’t share what his limiting belief was, but I’ll tell you that my response was this: 

We’re all just humans.

Some have more money, more success, sure. But at the end of the day, we’re all just human. I tell him that I’m not nervous talking to him, or someone like Tony Robbins, because I know that underneath it all, we’re all the same. Some people, have just worked harder at creating better habits and more grit. 

Lewis doesn’t stay long at the event, his presence likely more of a gesture of gratitude to Tony than anything else, but the brief time he was there was symbolic enough for me. 

The interaction with someone whose work I admire, yet someone I ultimately know will be a peer someday, was something I’ve been manifesting for over a year. I put his name on the back of my “future book” as a totem for what is possible. 

Running into him at the event has been motivating enough for me to get really aggressive about finishing the book. It’s reminded me what inspires me, and it’s reminded me what is possible when I commit to my mission. 

I’m grateful for these signs, and for the meaning I’ve given them, if that’s what gets me into action. 

Ask yourself:

What gets you to take action toward your dream?

What signs are showing up in your life to lead you to where you’re meant to go?

What limiting beliefs are you entertaining that may be affecting your ability to see these signs?


What Brendon Burchard Taught Me About Getting Paid

Last week I spent 5 glorious days in sunny San Diego. From the moment we landed, everything was top notch. The rental car--a hilarious camaro convertible--provided a sense of adventure and really let us embody the “we're not from here” vibe as we explored a nearby winery and stuffed our face with fish tacos. 

As much as I would have loved to continue the life of the rich and jobless, we were there to work. It was Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy that had called us to the west coast. And let me tell you, the man did not disappoint. 

After 4 days of learning from “one of the most successful online trainers in history” (per miss Oprah Winfrey) I realized something...

I want to give Brendon Burchard all my money. 

Not literally of course. What I mean, is that I see something in him, and the way he teaches, that resonates with me so deeply.  So much so, that I’m willing to focus all of my investments on learning from him (and him alone) for the time being. 

Of course I’ll keep reading books from other greats, and listening to my various podcasts of choice, but I’m shutting out much of the noise.

I’m ignoring the myriad of ways I could be doing something, and I’m testing the ways that this particular teachers suggests. 

So how did he do it? How did he get me to fork over more money than even Tony Robbins?? 

Here are just a few of the many reasons...

#1 - He’s a marketing wiz.
Brendon has over 5,000,000 likes on Facebook, and is the king of consistency. Take a look at some more of his impressive numbers. 

Credit: http://brendonburchard.com

Credit: http://brendonburchard.com

His team tests everything that they put out there, and he’s been studying these concepts for over a decade. I’m willing to bet that if I emulated some of his efforts in my own business, it would prove beneficial. 

Here’s an example: In the follow up email after the event, in which his team invited us to join the private facebook group, they didn’t just give us the group link, like most people.

Instead they asked for the email address we used to sign into Facebook so that they could send us an invite and be sure we actually received it. 

Note: this is actually more work for his team. But there’s a reason they did it this way.

By collecting our FACEBOOK email address (verses the one I used to register for his event) he can now target his Facebook ad audiences even better. When he and his team upload their email list to Power Editor for custom audiences, they’ll know that the emails they’re segmenting are the *correct* ones. 

Even if you're not a facebook ad wiz, and this sounds very complicated, just remember this one word: Genius.

#2 - His soft sales-ey style
The quickest way to turn me off of your product or service is a hard sell. It feels gross, I see right through it, and ultimately even if what you’re selling can solve my problem, YOU no longer resonate with me. (Tell me I’m not the only one here…?)

As such, I noted throughout the conference how he pre-framed the things he was going to be selling later on. And then, when the pitch came, he presented his up-sells in a very matter of fact, take it or leave it, kind of way. 

He didn’t press the issue, or encourage anyone to go into debt over it. He didn’t even paint a grim picture of what our life would be like if we didn’t sign up.

Of course there was some scarcity and social proof, but that’s to be expected. The overall experience was enjoyable, and frankly that’s how it should be!
Whether his seemingly authentic nature is actually genuine, or masterfully rehearsed, his delivery is obviously something I can learn from.

#3 - His business is built on personal growth. 
My underlying business goals for my clients, begin with self improvement and end with living a better life. How we accomplish those things falls somewhere in between, and varies client to client.

So naturally, I’m drawn to someone whose funnels lure people in through motivational content vs. what you mostly see in this space, which is business advice. 

Understanding how you grow a multi-faceted business, AND stay authentic to your "why" appeals to me. Hard.

#4 - I want to put on my blinders and get out of the land of learning. 
I’m human, and just like you I suffer from shiny object syndrome, and the desire to learn it all before I implement. But this comes at a cost.

Trying to learn what EVERYONE is doing, or emulate MULTIPLE mentors can be expensive and time consuming. 

To mitigate this, I’m trimming the fat, unsubscribing from countless lists, and signing on with Brendon’s team to grow my business in 2017. 

I’m thrilled to be learning from one person and focusing my remaining efforts on serving my clients and differentiating my brand even further. 

It's refreshing to feel like I've found the mentor I've been looking for over the recent months. If you're still looking for that person, or if you're curious whether or not it's me. Then let's jump on the phone to chat! 

At the very least we can clarify what sort of support you need and get you on your way to finding it...

When Determination Finally Pays Off


The conditions could not have been more perfect for me to succeed. I was in Coeur d’Alene Idaho visiting with friends for our self-made #winterfest. The weekend was designed to breed fun, and to squash any limiting beliefs about what our bodies are capable of. Hence the plank challenge and the polar plunge in Lake Coeur d’Alene (sorry mom!) But more on those later...

On our final day in Idaho we returned to Lookout Pass, ready to shred. Lift tickets were SO cheap, it didn't make sense not to go for round 2. Conditions were dreamy; fresh powder fell from the sky, and I realized I had the run ALL to myself. Note to self: small town slopes over big time pricey Vail any day. Less money, less people, less barrier to boarding.

My friend had given me some really solid pointers. Something about squishing a grape in my boot, lifting my tail up, etc… 

I was ready. 

I’d been training for this. And by training, I mean I’d been snowboarding maybe 12 times in my life (sometimes sober, sometimes armed with liquid courage), I’d purchased all the necessary equipment 5 years ago, and traveled around the country perfecting my falling leaf. 

But I was done being an amateur. I was done telling my friends to go on without me. Done with the burning in my thighs that comes from spending the whole day on heel-side.

And truthfully, I think the Universe was over me saying “shred” without actually shredding. 

So there I am, coaching myself down the slope. “Lean into it. Lift your tail. Nice and easy. You got this. Heeeeeelllll. Tooooooeeeeee. Nicccce and easssyyyy. You got this….Oh my god you really got this….Eeeeeeeeee! Oh my god I’m doing it! This is so FUNNNN!!!” 

And then, like a movie, I’m no longer in my body. I’m above my body, watching myself carve down the mountain. Noticing again how there is no one else around me on the slope. Noticing how bad-ass I look. Feeling grateful that I have the ability to go snowboarding on a day when most of the world is working. 

I’m going really fast now. I even let out a WOOHOOOOO!! Like I’ve heard other boarders do as they flew by me and sprayed me with snow, knocking me out of my falling leaf rhythm. Note to self: When I’m a professional snowboarder--or at least someone who doesn’t fall every 40 feet--don’t be a dick to the people who are just starting out. 

I reach the bottom, finishing with a sickkkk toe-side as I approach the lift, and unbuckle my binding without even sitting down or coming to a full stop.*

I ask the lift attendant (who doesn’t even bother to check my pass because I’m LITERALLY the only person in sight) how much time I have until the lift closes. 

This run is on the backside of the mountain. The Montana side! (I make a mental note to cross another state off my scratch-off map of the U.S.) He tells me that this lift will close in 30 minutes, but I have an hour until the last lift of the day. 


I’ve FINALLY learned to snowboard and I only have an hour left to do it! 


As I ride the lift up for my final run down my new favorite slope, tears come to my eyes. Partly because I have resolved to spend the day without my goggles because I really need to get contacts, and can’t actually see the slopes with my goggles on; the wind and sleet now blowing freely into my exposed eyes. And partly, from pure unabashed joy. 

The trees surrounding the lift are pure magic. My newfound comfort on my board is pure magic. 

There have been so many times I’ve wondered if I should just switch back to skiing, because frankly, it’s easier. 

But I never did! You can’t get good at something doing it once or twice, every three years. Your body and mind aren’t able to build the necessary muscle memory without consistent repetition. 

I’m so glad I didn’t give up. I’m so glad I say yes at every chance I get to “shred.”

The profundity of realizing that determination really can pay off is still dawning on me. 

It supposedly takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery. If you’re only willing to give 10, then you’ll reap the relative reward of that effort. 

No matter what your passion or hobby is, if it’s important to you, make it a priority. Spend money on it, spend time on it. Seek out favorable circumstances for success. 

The final two runs of the day were epic. I migrated from the green circles in Montana, back to the Idaho side and finished out the day on a blue square aptly named “Bonanza."

Reunited with my friends, I shred like I’ve never shred before. “It’s like night and day. You’re a completely different person!” my friend Nick told me. 

He wasn’t wrong. 

I felt renewed. I felt changed. The realization of what is possible when you commit to something, and go after it with a belief that you CAN ACTUALLY DO IT do it left me high. 

I hope you find the same highs in your life. Find things that make you feel alive. Practice them, seek help to improve, repeat. 

You got this, ‘bruh.

Still 'riding the stoke',

*This may have been embellished for effect. 

What would you do if money wasn't an issue?

I was catching up with a friend recently via WhatsApp, when he started sending me pictures of all this delicious food. Lamb Chops... Bay Leaf Panna Cotta... a WHOLE PIG. 

Immediately I started salivating.

Once I had wiped the drool from my chin (like a ladyyyy) I managed to ask him, "WTF where is that??" (like a ladyyyy).

I learned that he had enrolled in culinary school in San Francisco. 

…just because.

We’re talking fancy, white hat, multiple hours a day, every day, LEGIT culinary school. And not because he has any desire to be a chef.

Nope, he enrolled in the six month program, simply because he wanted to improve his knife skills, make the perfect soufflé, and learn to butcher a pig.  Simply because he’s always been one for mastery. Ever since we met, he’s been known to commit, and really invest in becoming an expert at the things he enjoys. 

Five years ago, when he discovered the paleo diet--and it changed his life--he decided to write Paleo cookbooks and sold them on Amazon (and made a decent penny doing so). 

He really goes all in, in a way that I’ve always envied and admired. 

So where am I going with this?

Well sure, my friend is fortunate enough to drop $30K on a 6 month culinary program in San Francisco. But not just because he has the funds to do so; it’s because he’s created a life that gives him the funds to do so.

Do you see the difference? 

He wasn’t born with $30K just lying around. In fact, when I met him in 2013, his business (which can apparently can run on autopilot now, or with very little effort on his part) didn’t even exist. He built it with hustle and hard work. 

And now, he’s reaping the benefits. Now he’s doing things that illustrate money is not an issue. 

If you’re thinking, Nice for him, Kim. But we don’t all have such luxuries. 

Well that’s just not true. Hear me out...

Instead of thinking, “Sure if I had a 7 figure business, I’d go to cooking school too!" (or buy a boat, or whatever your jam is). Instead of thinking, "if I had the money, then…." or "when I have the money…"

Instead of doing it the way you’ve always done it… what if you decided NOW what your dream experiences are, or your ideal life looks like, and then go after the money to make it happen. 

That’s right, work backwards.

It’s hard to call in an extra $30K if you have no where for it to go. 

The year is still young. There’s plenty of time to cross some bucket list items off. 

What is one really exciting thing that you’d do this year, if money wasn’t an issue? (Bonus points if you email me and tell me!)

For me, it’s attending a writing workshop held annually in Paris. 

I know it costs $6000 + room and board + flight. I also know that there are a handful of other trips I already have planned for this year, so that’s an additional ~$9000 that I need to conjure up. 

How much more effective is it to say “What I want costs $9000, here are 10 ways I could potentially earn that money before July…” vs. “I’d love to do a writing workshop in Paris, but it’s too expensive. Someday when I have more money."

One inspires action, the other does not. 

See what I mean?

Now it's your turn. Take 5 minutes and brainstorm some things you would just LOVE to do if money wasn’t an issue. 

Pick one and figure out how much it would cost to do it.

Pro-tip: Do you know anyone who has already done it? Is there anyone who could connect you for cheaper with this bucket list experience? Are scholarships available? Does it ever go on sale? Be resourceful!

Adult like your dreams depend on it! Because they sort of do.

Whether it’s a 6 month sabbatical to learn the difference between fricassee and flambé,  or a balloon ride over New Mexico, or a sailing trip across the Atlantic, chances are someone else has already done it. Which is only proof that it’s possible. 

Don’t let money be the barrier between you and the life you want. Become clear on what you want to do with your short time on earth, and create a plan to go get it.

Like many things in life, the Universe will have a hard time giving you what you want if you don’t ask for it.  

You Really Can Live on a Tropical Island
(If you want to)

Koh Nang Yuan - Off the coast of Koh Tao // 2013

Koh Nang Yuan - Off the coast of Koh Tao // 2013

I was minding my own business, just drinking my half-caff capp and tippy-typing away on my computer. I truly didn’t mean to eavesdrop. But this cafe was hipster-sized-small, and when he said “Thailand” my ears perked up. 

“I’m going to go live on Koh Tao for a few months.” 

And that’s when I couldn’t resist...


He wasn’t even talking to me, but immediately I had commandeered the conversation, and we were off. This stranger and I spent the next 15 minutes talking about how he had just been in Thailand, spending his vacation days diving off the coast of Koh Tao, and how he was now leaving his life in Austin to go spend 3 months getting his dive master certification. 

It was a decision he had made in an instant, one night on the island. And as is often the case, when he returned home to sort out the logistics, everything just fell into place. A friend of his gratefully accepted the offer to sublet his apartment and care for his cat while he was gone. He put his job on pause, and purchased his ticket back to the land of smiles. 

Hearing his story reminded me so much of my own. Four years ago, I decided in one fateful moment that I’d be moving overseas within 6 months, and immediately the wheels were set in motion. I did what any person with a goal does, I pursued information, and relationships that would expedite this process, but of course, so much of what made my inevitable voyage possible was simply magic offered up by the Universe. 

Coincidences and serendipitous connections abound. None of which I could have predicted, but all equally integral to my achieving the goal of moving overseas and saying good bye to corporate life.

Just like my new diver friend, the Universe recognized that I was serious, and that I was certain about the outcome, and it supported me in making it a reality. 

I remember boarding the plane for South East Asia just three short months later thinking, Oh my gosh, I actually did it. 

And then, on one clear balmy night, a mere 3 months after that, I stood on the EXACT beach in Thailand that I’d stared at, as my desktop background photo for weeks leading up to my departure. It hit me how precise my manifestation had been, and I looked out at the lapping waves and just cried from joy. 

Koh Tao Sunset // 2013

Koh Tao Sunset // 2013

Life really can be exactly what you want it to be if you decide with certainty and have faith.

And it’s these two things-certainty and faith-that will keep you going when it feels difficult, or when people tell you your dream is impossible, or unrealistic. 

Whether you want to pause your “real" life and live on an island in South East Asia for a few months, or you want to pursue a different career path, or become a published author...whatever your goal is, it’s completely doable. 

The key to having success in these situations is to trust your gut and then go all in. Know when something is a fleeting desire, and when it’s a must. Discerning between the “I wish”s and the “I will”s. 

A friend recently asked me, “Were you ever scared, or did you doubt yourself before moving abroad?" 

I told her, "not once."

I’m not saying that you should only pursue things that don’t scare you. I’m saying that sometimes, when you do scary things, if it’s really truly right for you,  you actually perceive fear as excitement. And you’re more successful because you don’t stress about “the how”. You trust that it will all work out, because you have a knowing within that is sufficient. External validation simply becomes irrelevant.  

Follow the dreams that are grounded in a sense of peace. Trust that you can create your life to be whatever you want, and that the only validation you need for your ideas comes from within. If you know something is meant for you, then it is. 

Choosing an alternative lifestyle, and living out of a suitcase was not always easy. Pursuing entrepreneurship is ANYTHING but easy. But this path that I’ve trusted and known is right for me has brought me to so many amazing places, and connected me with so many amazing people. 

If I’d done the “realistic” thing, and stayed in my stressful, albeit interesting, corporate job, I’d be a completely different person today. There would be no Bold Life Movement. There would be no foray into personal development. I wouldn’t have the level of awareness that I have now. 

Spoiler: I’m still human, and not every day is social media post-worthy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So honor the crazy ideas and wild dreams that loop through your mind, but are born in your heart. Trust yourself, and believe in those dreams. You really can live on the proverbial tropical island. You just have to decide if you want to.  

Giving Thanks & Saying Goodbye to 2016

I think it's important to give thanks and gain perspective before diving into a new year. I noted in my recent How to Create Achievable Goals for 2017 video that practicing gratitude is essential for gaining clarity about where you are and where you want to go, and signaling to the Universe what you want to receive more of.

We can appreciate what the previous 365 days brought us to transcend what no longer serves, and to carry with us what does. Here's my thank you letter to 2016; the good the bad and even the ugly. 


Dear 2016, 

You sneaky sonofagun.

I’m finally learning to trust that you might actually know what you’re doing...

It’s amazing how you’re always finding new ways to push me, test me, toss me in the air, and then blow my mind. You are truly gifted.

There have been so many moments over the past few weeks, that I remember people who came into my life, or experiences I’ve had and I think "there’s no WAY that was within the past year?? It’s too much!"

And you look at me, with that deservedly smug expression and nod. Because of course it was. Time is just an illusion anyway.

And then I remember, I walked on fire this year; clearly anything is possible...

I thought after 2015 there was surely no more tears left in my body. But true to form, you proved me wrong. 

I thought the levels of rejection and anxiety I felt in 2015 were the worst that one could ever endure. But of course, you showed me new corners of pain. And through them, a new capacity for strength. 

I thought that the inspiration and fulfillment I felt in creating The Bold Life Movement was enough. But you held my hand, and led me to even more joy. And you gave me a glimpse into an even greater impact to come.

I thought that by now I’d have accomplished more in my business. But yet again, you taught me that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Progress comes in many flavors, and we don’t always get to choose the lessons we learn.

You reminded me that I (we) need to step up. And, that we are all innocent. Only after I learned this CRUCIAL lesson was I able to release a year’s worth of pain, and return to my true essence.

Thank you.

Thank you for all of the times you put me in a big metal box in the sky, and somehow placed me safely in some other part of the world. Thank you for all of the amazing humans I got to meet in those places. Literally HUNDREDS of people who you brought in to remind me who I am, remind me who I’m not, and remind me what is possible in this crazy life.

Every email, every tweet, every facebook message that served as a sign I’m on the right path, thank you.

Every conference, from Mike Dooley to Tony Robbins, From Podcast Movement, to Diving Living Academy to World Domination Summit. Even when I had decided not to go, you INSISTED. In the form of gifted flights, free accommodations, and symbols of love and generosity that overwhelm me, still. Thank you. 

Thank you for showing me that it is utterly ridiculous to believe that I will ever be alone. 

Thank you for providing me a producer, and a platform to reach thousands of people through the podcast. And for always supplying amazing and gracious guests. 

Thank you for introducing me to some of the most successful people in my industry. And then reminding me, ever so subtly that they too, are just human. 

Thank you for the “coincidences” and serendipitous moments that can only be described as pure magic. And for sending me those exactly when I needed them most.

Thank you for the love making, the heart-breaking, and the moments of despair. Thank you for teaching me to be grateful even in those moments. How you managed that shift in me, is still a miracle. 

Thank you for showing me what apathy feels like, so I can leave it here with you. I get the gist that 2017 isn’t interested in entertaining that sort of thing. 

Thank you for Mike Dooley, for the Ippie family, and for the gifts he shares with the world. For giving me the power to teach people about THEIR power to attract whatever they want into their lives. And then letting me win 4 separate prizes at the event… very nice touch. 

Thank you for all the things I’ve manifested into my life this year. Financial, emotional, tangible, experiential. 

Thank you for my Tony Robbins community. For every dance, every hug, every incantation, every tear, and all the massive breakthroughs that have come both inside and outside the conference room. I am forever in awe of his impact, and the people I now call family.  <3

Thank you for the humble and generous Chris Guillebeau, and his magical World Domination Summit. On the flight home from the 2015 WDS, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to speak at the 2016 conference and you made that happen. (okay, I guess I helped too). Set the intention, take the action, believe. I’m learning!

Thank you for Emily Nolan and the #beprettybrave women. Your ability to hand pick each and every delicious woman to create the perfect recipe of lessons-learned and love-shared is pure art.

Thank you for my beautiful, sweet, funny, AMAZING clients. I now see why I wasn’t ready for them in 2015.

Thank you for always having my back, even when I was sure I was on a solo ride. 

Thank you for bringing back my Faith. 

2016, you rocked me and then returned me to my radiant self. 

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. 

Hugs & Love,

How to Create Achievable Goals for 2017

Goal Setting 2017

2017 is comin' in HOT. 

I absolutely LOVE reflecting on the past year, and preparing for the year ahead. I'm one of those people who nerds out hard on planners, and organization. But more than that, it's really fun to daydream about what I want life to look like (and then remember that it's 100% possible to make it happen.)

If there's one thing that I've learned for CERTAIN over the past few years, it's that deciding, committing, visualizing, and taking action towards a goal, always results in its manifestation. This post isn't about how to manifest your dreams though; today we want to set you up for success in 2017 by creating measurable, reachable goals. 

Have you started thinking about what you want to achieve, and what you want your life to look like 365 days from now? 

If you're a procrastinator, or you're just a poor goal setter, fret not.

I created this short vid to outline HOW to create achievable goals to keep you going strong through 2017. 


You deserve to have the best year yet, so why not set yourself up for success?

*Cheers to making life whatever we want*

Hugs & Love,

PS - We still have some spots open for the 2017 Bold Life Business School - Personal Branding Bootcamp.

If you're thinking that NOW MIGHT ACTUALLY be the time to launch your business and make an impact, book a call with me asap to see if you're a good fit. 

What If You Changed Someone's Life Just by Being You?

What a whirlwind couple of months it has been. Two conferences, 1 retreat, 9 planes, and 4 cities. Breakthroughs and connections abound. 

I couldn’t imagine my life without frequent travel, but what has made these recent trips so meaningful is the work I’ve done on myself (and my business) and the impact I’ve been able to make on other people’s live, just by showing up.

Just by throwing on some yoga clothes, saying yes to adventure, and boarding a moderately sketchy plane, I was able to create a ripple effect that I’ll never fully comprehend. 

Photo: Mary Beth Koeth Photography

Photo: Mary Beth Koeth Photography

We all have that power, so I hope that this post will encourage you to claim it.

In case you don't follow my every move on social media, here's what you missed: at the end of November, I attended a #beprettybrave women’s wellness retreat in Costa Rica. It was run by my friend (and podcast guest) Emily Nolan.

The goal: for 7 straight days, we ditch our makeup, ditch electronics, embrace nature, explore what it means to love ourselves, and we emerge cleansed and connected to new life-long sisters. 

Sounds pretty epic, right?

Of course, I’m always looking for any opportunity to inspire and help people up-level their life and live more in alignment with their desires, but I had no idea that over the course of the retreat, I’d be gifted so many opportunities to do just that.

I just thought we’d eat some healthy food, do some yoga, maybe shed a few tears and call it a win.

To be honest, I’m so used to “my story” that sometimes I forget how quitting my corporate job to travel the world can be empowering for someone else. I forget that my ability to accept who I am, and to assert what I am/am not okay with in my life, can be an invitation for other people to do the same in theirs. 

One of the benefits of being off the grid in the jungles of Costa Rica was that we had ample time to connect. Both with each other, and with ourselves. I learned about the other women's struggles in their careers (overworked, undervalued), and struggles in their relationships (Were they in it for the right reasons? Were they being true to themselves by staying?)

I opened up candidly about the challenges I’ve faced in my relationship with my dad, and the inevitable insecurities that can come with running your own business. Being so transparent is TERRIFYING, but what I found was this:

Vulnerability is power; it releases any need you have to be anything but yourself, and it empowers other people to do the same. 

And ultimately, it connects you. 

I’ll never forget what one of the women told me on Day 1... As we walked, flashlights in hand, back to our tree houses, a chorus of howler monkeys surrounding us, she said to me, “Kim, I believe you’re the reason I’m here.”

(Even as I type that, my eyes tear up and my throat tightens.) 

We continued to connect throughout the week, and since returning home, she and another young woman from the retreat have quit their jobs to (you guessed it) travel the world. What they're doing, is capitalizing on the momentum they created in Costa Rica, and TAKING IMMEDIATE ACTION. 

It's when inspiration meets action that the real magic happens. 

Who knows the people they'll meet along the way, and the lives they'll touch! Having any hand in that is so humbling.

Photo by: Mary Beth Koeth Photography

Photo by: Mary Beth Koeth Photography

One of the ways we were able to create such quick intimate friendships, was that over the course of the week, Emily led us in a series of content sessions. We’d gather in the Pagoda and sit cross-legged on our yoga mats, circling the alter. There in our sacred space, we'd share our fears, our dreams, our judgements, and our desires. 

On the last day, we wrapped up with a closing ceremony of intention. Each women defined their goal for re-entering the real world, and shared with the group what they wanted to bring back with them, and take action on. 

We then selected an accountability partner (or a “Permitter” as Emily called her); someone to encourage you, and support you, as they too are on a similar journey.

We also selected an “Inspirer.” This woman was chosen because she has been where you want to go. Her role is to inspire, and support from a place of mentorship. 

As we each took turns going to the front and selecting our permitters and inspirers, then explaining why we had chosen them, the most surprising thing happened...FIVE out of the 11 other women picked me; four as their inspirer, and one as her permitter. (Cue cry-face emoji).

To say that I was humbled, flattered, and shocked would be an understatement. But this gesture, this ritual, SHOWED me what is possible when you just show up as yourself. It illustrated my ability to achieve what I feel called to contribute in the world, when I don't overthink it. 

In Costa Rica, there was no possible way for me to fake who I am or what I stand for.

What if I showed up that way every day? What if we all did? 

When I returned home, I anxiously unpacked my suitcase, and settled in with my [new] costa rican coffee and 11 love letters; each given to me by the women from the retreat. Every letter echoed what I had learned up in the jungle: that by being exactly who I’m meant to be, my impact on those around me is far greater. 

I share with you some of these words of affirmation, not to toot my own horn, but to show you what’s possible.

The truth is that I wrote very similar sentiments to each of these women. In them, I found parts of myself I thought I had lost. I was reminded of the type of woman I strive to be. I remembered truths about love and loss that define who we are. And I realized the INCREDIBLE strength that women have (sorry guys, but in some ways we will just always have you beat.) 

I know that if you’re reading this, it’s because there’s something in you that is calling out to make a similar impact. That your heart would be just as touched as mine to receive a note from someone saying how you’ve impacted their life for the better. My guess, is that you're already having that impact, even if you don’t yet know. 

If you’re unsure how to get back to your truth, or you're unclear on how to share that truth with the world, then let's chat. Each of us deserves to live a life where we shine our absolute brightest and through that, allow others to do the same. Book a free clarity call with me to see how we can get you back on track. 

Don't waste your gifts, and don't waste your days being anything but exactly who you're meant to be.

Hugs & Love,

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How JP Sears & Elizabeth Gilbert Helped Me to Ditch Perfection

JP Sears & Elizabeth Gilbert Blog Post

What is the one creative idea that you’ve been sitting on? You know what I’m talking about. The one that follows you around, creeps into your mind as your falling asleep, and consistently shows up on your list of things you promise to do “once the time is right.”

The “right time” being when you have more time, when you have better equipment, when you have more skills...

But, SPOILER ALERT, the “right time” never comes.

And so you have to learn to move forward in spite of that. 

So again, what is your thing?

Do you want to write more? Paint more? Start a podcast? Chances are, we all have something creative that we keep putting off…and putting off….and putting off...

I’m just as guilty of this--don’t let this blog post fool you. 

For months, I’ve been sitting on some ideas that I have for comedic, self-deprecating, satirical videos about growing a personal brand and an online business. Let’s be serious, the material is endless.

I’ve actually lost countless hours of sleep because the ideas just start flowing out of me. I giggle to myself in bed as I furiously try to type them all in my Evernote. My dog looks at me like I’m the rudest person for disrupting her slumber, but I don’t care, because in that moment I’m a GENIUS.

But then morning comes and I do nothing. I continue delaying production because I have all the normal excuses: My camera sucks. I don’t have an external mic. I need lighting. My hair should probably be cut by someone other than myself… 

The list goes on and on. 

In a recent Facebook Live, Elizabeth Gilbert was talking about the concept in her book, Big Magic, that ideas don’t stay with one person indefinitely. There’s a finite time that we are blessed with each idea, before eventually inaction leads them to leave us, and they (the ideas) go find another human more willing to take advantage of their magic. 

I think I audibly gasped when I heard this. 

“Mine!" I thought. I want these videos to be mine! 

Not in a selfish way (or maybe totally in a selfish way). All I knew was that my time for feeling inspired by and motivated by the concept for these funny videos was limited, and if I didn’t act soon, I’d inevitably forget what the point was. 

So I decided to get over myself.  


Since I knew that the process for filming the series of satirical videos would be somewhat time intensive, and I wouldn’t see the ROI for a while, I decided to simultaneously start building my youtube channel with content I was already creating on a weekly basis— the Podcast

What this means is, in addition to the audio file which you'll still be able to listen to on your phone via iTunes, stitcher, soundclound, etc. you’ll also be able to view each interview on Youtube

This is a great confidence-boosting first step because it gets me more comfortable with seeing my face on the screen, and the rewarding effect of seeing a growing archive of videos on my channel is encouraging to produce more. 

My recent interview with JP Sears was the perfect episode to kickstart this new podcast format for a few reasons: 

A) Because he’s obviously comfortable in front of the camera.
B) Because people are used to seeing him in front of a camera (and seem to dig it).
C) Because he is someone (in addition to Liz Gilbert) who inspired me to stop waiting until I “feel” like a pro, and just start now. 

If you look at JP’s famous youtube series, How to be Ultra Spiritual, he uses mostly natural light, and edits in iMovie. 

I have access to both of these things. 

JP didn’t wait until he had the most expensive equipment, and a full time video editor before he started. He didn’t stress about how to connect the dots from where he was, to the massive presence he’s grown over the past two years. 

In actuality, there’s no way JP could have predicted the level of success those videos have achieved, and if he had known the impact it may have paralyzed him into inaction by how daunting and overwhelming it would have seemed. 

No, instead, he just listened to his gut. And his gut said “You’re funny. Be funny. Share this part of you. Trust me."

And so he did. 

And then, I followed suit.  

I decided that instead of looping the same tired excuses in my mind about why I still wasn't ready, I researched the best tips for recording videos using your iPhone, ordered the best/cheapest lavaliere mic from amazon, and asked a friend if I could borrow his Diva Light. 

Lights, camera, action.

Whether it’s recording videos, writing content, or getting a website up, whatever you’re waiting to feel good enough to do, just do it now. Chunk it down, decide on bite sized steps for moving forward, and just start with one thing at a time. 

In reality, it takes time to build traction, and for your followers to grow. Chances are good, not that many people will even see your early efforts.

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 10.25.48 AM.png

Before I had professional photos, my site was just a blog with pictures I’d pulled from Canva, or taken with my iPhone. But people started to engage because they were excited to see that I was writing, and wanted to know what this whole Bold Life Movement thing was all about. Not once did someone comment on my lack of professional photos. 

So if you’re waiting to launch that project that’s been tapping you on the proverbial shoulder for months, start now. And start small. Don't wait until everything is perfect, because it never will be.

If you’re building a website, start with something easy like Squarespace, and just start publishing content. If it makes you feel more comfortable, ask a friend to edit it!

If you’ve got an idea for a podcast, start recording episodes with your iPhones headset and the free quicktime player on your computer. Before I ordered my Yeti mic, this was more than sufficient for my first Free Audio Training. 

Want to ramp up your video as well? Grab a cheap lav mic that plugs into your iPhone. Rig together some lights from home depot, and edit in iMovie. 

You’re never going to feel ready, so you might as well just start. 

Do the thing, and you’ll get the energy to do the thing.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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How I Got a Celebrity to Record a Birthday Video For My Mom

Kimberly Rich
Any time you give someone the opportunity to tell you no, you also give them equal opportunity to say yes.

Don’t you love that? It shows how much opportunity and possibility you invite by just asking people for what you want. 

Let me give you an example.

Last week was my mom’s birthday, and I wanted to do something really special for her. The standard jewelry, flowers, card, blah blah blah, it just wouldn’t do. Not only is she my mom (bless her) but she’s also been one of my biggest supporters since launching The Bold Life Movement. 

No. A regular gift wouldn’t cut it. It had to be something unique. Something bold.

Then I thought of the one thing that she couldn’t go out and buy for herself. And once it came to me, I knew I had to make it happen. That "thing" was a personal birthday message from one of her favorite actors. Preferable format? Video.

To explain how I ACTUALLY pulled this off, I recorded a short Facebook Live earlier this week and laid out the whole thing. The intention behind the video is to show what is actually possible WHEN YOU JUST ASK for what you want. People will often surprise you.

This concept is so near and dear to me, that I have an entire chapter dedicated to it in my book

Whether it feels like a "big" ask or a "small" one (this obviously varying person to person) there are so many ways in which you can politely, and elegantly ask people in your life for what you need, or what you want.

Be it your boss, your spouse, your friends, or the flight attendant, typically you're imposing far less than you think.

I hope this message inspires you to go out and GET what you want this week. I’d love to hear about it! 

So go ahead, leave a comment below!  And tell me:  

What is something in your life this week that you can ask for?

Or in other words, how can you let people help you?

Where can you give them the opportunity to say yes?

Leave a comment and let me know!

Hugs & Love,