Emily Nolan: The Power of Taking it All Off & How to Practice Radical Self-Acceptance


I met today’s guest, Emily Nolan, back in High School, and feel both proud and privileged to feature her as today's guest. Emily is the voice of MyKindOfLife.com, a professional model and the founder of #BePrettyBrave (formerly TOPLESS Yoga). It is a bras on, bellies out self-confidence event used as a tool for self-love, and it is about exposing vulnerabilities by practicing radical self-acceptance. 

My Kind of Life started four years ago as a vegan lifestyle blog – very different from what it is now. Slowly, she started sharing more stories about modeling, and eventually eating disorders. Things started to take off. Emily started to connect with her audience, and she started to share more broadly about issues relating to body image.

“I’ve been a size 0, I’ve been a size 16. You talk about happiness, and I realized that happiness never came, ever, from a size. Happiness was always a permission that I gave myself, and I could have that at any size.”

One of the more talked about moments from Emily's career, was a photoshoot she did for Curves. Curves is an art magazine featuring a number of celebrities that write and speak about self-love. The shoot involved Emily shedding her clothes, and taking photos in a variety of different yoga poses (this was right after finishing her yoga teacher training), and Emily went on to write about the experience in a popular mindbodygreen post. From there it was picked up by more than 25 online publications, including Cosmopolitan magazine.

I want to show people that my body is a vehicle. My suit is just a vehicle for physical experience.

Now she's spending her time leading women's retreats to empower women to #BePrettyBrave. She takes small groups of women all over the world to participate in events that transform the way we think about our relationships with our own bodies. In the past she has hosted one-day immersion events sponsored by Lululemon, and the success of these events led her to create extended experiences in the jungles of Costa Rica and the mountains of Idaho.

“#BePrettyBrave is the permission to believe that bravery is the token to what you’ve been searching for.”

Emily is a goddess when it comes to walking her walk. She is a champion of radical self-acceptance, and shares her story vulnerably and openly on My Kind of Life. I thrilled to be participating in one of Emily’s upcoming #BePrettyBrave retreats. Be sure to follow Emily's story below and share this episode with your friends!


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  • When did My Kind of Life transition from a blog to something more?

  • How does Emily discern between the things that are worth baring for her readers and the things that are best kept between her and her family?

  • Tell me about the nude photos that were picked up by Cosmo. What was the motivation for that shoot, and why does Emily think it received the coverage that it did?

  • What does #BePrettyBrave look like for people who want to get more involved with that?




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