JP Sears: A Behind the Scenes Look at Becoming Ultra Spiritual


Today we’re going to Awaken With JP. That’s right, I’m talking to YouTube star, comedian and real-life emotional healing coach JP Sears. He is also currently working on a book titled How to Be Ultra Spiritual, which is coming out March 7th and currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

For the past 15 years, JP has run an emotional healingand coaching practice where he works with people all over the world via Skype. In the past he has also led retreats around the world on different healing and personal empowerment themes for like-minded and like-hearted people to come together to learn, grow, and heal.

“The way I coach is really all about vulnerability. It’s helping people help themselves connect to emotions, feelings, memories and experiences that are essentially stuck in their emotional digestive system.”

On the AwakenWithJP YouTube channel, JP creates videos that help people help themselves.  This includes the ultra hilarious, Ultra Spiritual Life video series, which uses humor to share messages about health, wellness, and spirituality. One of JP’s favorite videos to make, How to Take Yoga Photos for Instagram - Ultra Spiritual Life 34, features JP posing precariously in Australia to teach us… well, probably not how to take yoga photos for Instagram. “How do you create a successful yoga photoshoot? I’ve got two words for you: man-bulge and man-bun.”

True art gives people what they need, not necessarily what they want, and I think what we need is a deeper connection with yourself.

His willingness to teach, knows no bounds...

JP also uses the comedy of Ultra Spiritual Life to tackle very serious concerns. In his fifth video, Using Ayahuasca, JP uses comedy to shine a light on the questionable use of a spiritual and sacred psychedelic by party goers.

“I was just really called to break the spell of the secret, voice what was not being voiced, shine the light on a shadow that a lot of people can see but nobody is talking about.”

I had SO MUCH fun talking to JP about his journey from life coach, to YouTube star, how he uses comedy in his videos to help others on their spiritual journey, and how he manages to stay grounded through it all..

If you’re not already subscribed, go to YouTube NOW and check out AwakenWithJP then head over to Amazon to pre-order How to Be Ultra Spiritual. Your spiritual fate depends on it.


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  • What did JP do before his YouTube channel?

  • What can people expect with JP’s 1-on-1 coaching or retreats?

  • What is the most fun video that JP has filmed?

  • Are there any videos that JP was a little nervous to publish?

  • What process does JP use to come up with his videos?

  • How can pet owners help their pets become more ultra spiritual?


  • Andy: What are you like when you’re not in character?

  • Jan: What would you like to hear read in your eulogy?

  • Courtney: What is the most spiritual way to keep your favorite yoga classes boyfriend-free?

  • Jackie: What do you do for your hot bod?



  • Why vulnerability is key for JP’s approach to spiritual and emotional coaching

  • Why true art often challenges people

  • How comedy can be used as a tool to share important messages

  • What JP Sears is like when he’s not on YouTube

  • Plus much more…




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