Amy Jo Martin: Social Media Protips & The Power Of Asking 'Why Not Now?'


Amy Jo Martin is the author of New York Times bestseller Renegades Write the Rules, a keynote speaker, an angel investor, a podcast host and an innovation advocate. She has worked closely with world-renowned brands such as Hilton Worldwide, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal to successfully humanize their presence.

Innovation is being redefined by one primary force today: social media. It is irrational, even irresponsible, to start a business, launch a podcast, raise awareness, or build a brand today without including a social media strategy.
— Amy Jo Martin, 'Renegades Write the Rules'

The above quote from Amy Jo’s book was true when it was published in 2012, and it’s just as true now. However, with so many different options on social media, it can be difficult for people to decide which social media strategy is right for them.

“It really comes down to humanizing the brand, in my opinion. Whether it’s a big, huge company or a small company, it’s about exposing who the people are behind the logo and why they’re doing what they’re doing. People connect with people, not logos.”

If you are an individual or small group who has just started a company, Amy Jo has a few simple systems and processes that will help you engage with followers while maintaining a life and time to work.

  • Start by evaluating whether or not it makes sense for your company to have multiple touch points and profiles. If you are the company, there may not be a need for create a second profile that doubles your content development and engagement reciprocation.

  • Establish your value – not just as a company but as an individual – and how you are going to deliver that.

  • Maintain diverse “Value Balance Buckets” – keep balanced and diversified values to resonate with more people.

“Listen more than you talk, and when you do that you start to see where you can blend in and where you can add value versus trying to create a new island of value from scratch. It’s leveraging what already exists and that momentum around a certain topic, a certain conversation, in a certain community.”

Amy Jo continues to pursue her passion and learn more about social communication. She is taking a new course and, over the past year, Amy Jo has researched the relationship between the virtual world and the physical world, and how our behavior online affects our behavior offline. Specifically how acts of kindness shared via social media can have a ripple effect and generate more kindness in the real world.

These days Amy Jo is inspiring people all over the world to take action on things that they’ve otherwise been too scared to pursue. Her new podcast “Why Not Now?” features professional “Why notters” (as she calls them) who have mastered the art of starting before their ready. They provide examples for what is possible when you eliminate excuses and follow your interests in spite of fear, and in spite of insecurity. Some of her latest interviews include Mark Cuban, Troy Aikman, Sophia Amorusa, and Lewis Howes.

I’m so grateful to have connected with  Amy Jo at the World Domination Summit this past August. She is an incredibly accomplished person who has managed to remain so down to earth and continues to inspire me all the time.. Be sure to check out her awesome new show, Why Not Now? with Amy Jo Martin, and pick up your own copy of Renegades Write the Rules.


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  • With all of the different options available now, how can people decide which social media strategy is right for them?

  • What systems and processes does Amy use to engage with followers, but still maintain a life and get work done?

  • How do solo-preneurs or new entrepreneurs get in front of people, stand out or engage people on social media?

  • How do people elegantly draw the line between authenticity and being overly transparent? Is there a line?


  • How to decide what social media strategy is right for you

  • How to engage people with authenticity on social media

  • Why it’s important to maintain diverse values on social media

  • How our online behavior impacts our offline behavior

  • Plus much more…





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