Brittanny Chanel
“After just 1 coaching session with Kimberly I was able to see where I was holding myself back in my jewelry business. Just days after taking action on what I’d learned in our session, I landed my first Wholesale Client and now PEOPLE Magazine is going to feature my line in their holiday guide! If Kimberly hadn’t helped me get out of my own way, I never would have gotten serious about my Wholesale business and I’d still be stuck making one-off orders.”
— Brittanny Chanel,

“I am so grateful that Kimberly chose to follow her passion and become founder of The Bold Life Movement. She has been a huge inspiration for me to make several changes in my life for the better. These changes have brought instant positive results in my business, my relationships, and my overall wellbeing. I can’t wait to see how many other entrepreneurs will change their lives and their businesses for the better through her. Thanks, Kim!”
— Anna Wickham,

Katie Dillingham
“I reached out to Kim because I was starting a new psychotherapy practice and needed some help getting my web presence set up. She showed me some various ways my website could be improved and connected me with a few different online resources that were very helpful. Several of my clients have commented on how professional it looks! Kim was so easy to talk to and such a good teacher. She met me at my level of expertise and gave me what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend her to anyone with a service-based biz who is looking to generate traffic to their site, and create an aesthetically appealing and user-friendly online brand!
— Katie Dillingham,

When I had a vision for my company but no idea where to start, Kimberly provided me with the strategy and action steps to make my goals a reality. I’m a big advocate for Kimberly and The Bold Life Movement. Get it girl!
— Eugenie George
Eugenie George

Zoe Loeser
Kim has a remarkable way of seeing what’s holding you back from living to your full potential, speaking into your fears, and giving you the action plan you need to conquer them. I’m a creative who just wants to focus on content while finding business planning daunting and annoying. Kim walked me through the importance of proper business planning but helped me to address the issue without burning out and becoming frustrated.

I’m energized after talking with her, and when I get spooked by the hard parts of starting my own business (which there are many), I’m thankful have to Kim by my side.
— Zoe Loeser

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