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What Brendon Burchard Taught Me About Getting Paid

Last week I spent 5 glorious days in sunny San Diego. From the moment we landed, everything was top notch. The rental car--a hilarious camaro convertible--provided a sense of adventure and really let us embody the “we're not from here” vibe as we explored a nearby winery and stuffed our face with fish tacos. 

As much as I would have loved to continue the life of the rich and jobless, we were there to work. It was Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy that had called us to the west coast. And let me tell you, the man did not disappoint. 

After 4 days of learning from “one of the most successful online trainers in history” (per miss Oprah Winfrey) I realized something...

I want to give Brendon Burchard all my money. 

Not literally of course. What I mean, is that I see something in him, and the way he teaches, that resonates with me so deeply.  So much so, that I’m willing to focus all of my investments on learning from him (and him alone) for the time being. 

Of course I’ll keep reading books from other greats, and listening to my various podcasts of choice, but I’m shutting out much of the noise.

I’m ignoring the myriad of ways I could be doing something, and I’m testing the ways that this particular teachers suggests. 

So how did he do it? How did he get me to fork over more money than even Tony Robbins?? 

Here are just a few of the many reasons...

#1 - He’s a marketing wiz.
Brendon has over 5,000,000 likes on Facebook, and is the king of consistency. Take a look at some more of his impressive numbers. 

Credit: http://brendonburchard.com

Credit: http://brendonburchard.com

His team tests everything that they put out there, and he’s been studying these concepts for over a decade. I’m willing to bet that if I emulated some of his efforts in my own business, it would prove beneficial. 

Here’s an example: In the follow up email after the event, in which his team invited us to join the private facebook group, they didn’t just give us the group link, like most people.

Instead they asked for the email address we used to sign into Facebook so that they could send us an invite and be sure we actually received it. 

Note: this is actually more work for his team. But there’s a reason they did it this way.

By collecting our FACEBOOK email address (verses the one I used to register for his event) he can now target his Facebook ad audiences even better. When he and his team upload their email list to Power Editor for custom audiences, they’ll know that the emails they’re segmenting are the *correct* ones. 

Even if you're not a facebook ad wiz, and this sounds very complicated, just remember this one word: Genius.

#2 - His soft sales-ey style
The quickest way to turn me off of your product or service is a hard sell. It feels gross, I see right through it, and ultimately even if what you’re selling can solve my problem, YOU no longer resonate with me. (Tell me I’m not the only one here…?)

As such, I noted throughout the conference how he pre-framed the things he was going to be selling later on. And then, when the pitch came, he presented his up-sells in a very matter of fact, take it or leave it, kind of way. 

He didn’t press the issue, or encourage anyone to go into debt over it. He didn’t even paint a grim picture of what our life would be like if we didn’t sign up.

Of course there was some scarcity and social proof, but that’s to be expected. The overall experience was enjoyable, and frankly that’s how it should be!
Whether his seemingly authentic nature is actually genuine, or masterfully rehearsed, his delivery is obviously something I can learn from.

#3 - His business is built on personal growth. 
My underlying business goals for my clients, begin with self improvement and end with living a better life. How we accomplish those things falls somewhere in between, and varies client to client.

So naturally, I’m drawn to someone whose funnels lure people in through motivational content vs. what you mostly see in this space, which is business advice. 

Understanding how you grow a multi-faceted business, AND stay authentic to your "why" appeals to me. Hard.

#4 - I want to put on my blinders and get out of the land of learning. 
I’m human, and just like you I suffer from shiny object syndrome, and the desire to learn it all before I implement. But this comes at a cost.

Trying to learn what EVERYONE is doing, or emulate MULTIPLE mentors can be expensive and time consuming. 

To mitigate this, I’m trimming the fat, unsubscribing from countless lists, and signing on with Brendon’s team to grow my business in 2017. 

I’m thrilled to be learning from one person and focusing my remaining efforts on serving my clients and differentiating my brand even further. 

It's refreshing to feel like I've found the mentor I've been looking for over the recent months. If you're still looking for that person, or if you're curious whether or not it's me. Then let's jump on the phone to chat! 

At the very least we can clarify what sort of support you need and get you on your way to finding it...