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Signs & Serendipity Led Me to Connect with Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes - UPW LA.jpg

Last week I flew home from yet another AMAZING Tony Robbins event Los Angeles. I crewed Tony's Unleash the Power Within event, for the 3rd time, and per usual, the serendipitous moments were abundant. 

That being said, I almost didn’t go!

In fact, looking back, I realize that I almost didn’t go to all of the crew events I’ve attended. 

Here’s how this usually goes: I apply to crew, I’m super amped up about getting to contribute, and hang out with like-minded people, and immerse myself in transformation for 5 days.

And then life happens. 

Things come up. Other stuff seems more important… and I inevitably second-guess going, every time. 

Until I’m there, of course. Until I’m back with my people, impacting attendees, and feeling more “me” than most other situations I find myself in on any given day. 

This time was no different. I recently took a week-long trip to San Diego, where I attended Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy. With plans to return to San Diego again in June, this L.A. trip just felt like too much. 

I knew that there would be over 500 crew members working this event (the most to ever crew any Tony Event) and that if I didn’t go, it wouldn’t be detrimental. 

On my flight home from San Diego, this decision weighing heavily on my mind, I decided to put pen to paper in hopes of sorting out my thoughts.

I journaled about where I wanted my business to go (realizing that I wanted a heavy focus on leadership in the coming months) and I noted that I needed some sort of sign to show me that I should still take this upcoming trip to L.A.  

Well ask, and you shall receive, my friend. 

When I landed in Austin, I had a message on my phone from one of the crew captains, saying that I’d been “promoted” to Usher Lead at the upcoming event. This meant that I would have a team of about 25 people reporting to me, and I’d be on the radio with the other event leaders. 

It also meant I'd feel used, and gave me the exact purpose I’d been praying for. 

It felt like a clear sign from the Universe that I not only did I need to be there, but this was my chance to put my leadership skills to the test! What came from leading that team was beyond fulfilling. 

On day 3, I felt like I received yet another sign that I was in the right place. "Right place, right time" has never felt more accurate. 

In the early afternoon, on the 3rd day, I happen to be standing with the Crew director, who also happens to be in charge of the VIP guests, when he receives a call on the radio that one of the VIPs has arrive, and is ready to be escorted in. 

“Come with me,” he says, and grabs my hand. 

We walk out to customer service, and immediately I see the familiar 6’4 frame of none other than Lewis Howes. 

“You know Kimberly, right?” the crew director says pointing to me. 

Thank you for that, I think. 

Lewis doesn’t skip a beat. In typical Lewis fashion, he picks me up in one of his giant bear hugs, and I give an internal hat tip to the Universe and think, well played.

The Crew Director and I then escort Lewis into his seat, which happens to be right next to where I’m ushering that day. He doesn’t let the fact that he’s coming in mid-event deter him, and immediately he’s immersed dancing and yelling along with the 8,000 other attendees. Having attended UPW 5 years earlier, he’s familiar with the process and blends in as much as a former pro athlete can. 

Day 3 is transformation day, which means it’s not long until we’re heads down writing out some of our most limiting beliefs. When it comes time to partner up and share what we’ve just written down, Lewis is without a partner. He looks to me, a warm familiar face, and voila!

We become best friends, business partners and live happily ever after with our millions of dollars. 

Okay, not yet. But we do have a chance to connect more than we did at his book signing, or other brief run-ins at WDS. 

I go first, and share with him all of the things that have held me back in my business. All of the beliefs I have that I know aren’t serving me. When it’s his turn, I press him to dig deeper knowing that despite his success and all the work he’s done on himself, there’s always another layer. 

I won’t share what his limiting belief was, but I’ll tell you that my response was this: 

We’re all just humans.

Some have more money, more success, sure. But at the end of the day, we’re all just human. I tell him that I’m not nervous talking to him, or someone like Tony Robbins, because I know that underneath it all, we’re all the same. Some people, have just worked harder at creating better habits and more grit. 

Lewis doesn’t stay long at the event, his presence likely more of a gesture of gratitude to Tony than anything else, but the brief time he was there was symbolic enough for me. 

The interaction with someone whose work I admire, yet someone I ultimately know will be a peer someday, was something I’ve been manifesting for over a year. I put his name on the back of my “future book” as a totem for what is possible. 

Running into him at the event has been motivating enough for me to get really aggressive about finishing the book. It’s reminded me what inspires me, and it’s reminded me what is possible when I commit to my mission. 

I’m grateful for these signs, and for the meaning I’ve given them, if that’s what gets me into action. 

Ask yourself:

What gets you to take action toward your dream?

What signs are showing up in your life to lead you to where you’re meant to go?

What limiting beliefs are you entertaining that may be affecting your ability to see these signs?