Manu Goswami: Tips From a 19-Year-Old TEDx Speaker & Entrepreneur

Manu Goswami

Manu (better known as "Swish") is an inspiring young man, who I knew I wanted to interview as soon as I heard his story. He's a 19 yr old student at the University of Toronto, who ALSO happens to be an award-winning serial tech entrepreneur, a UN Youth Ambassador, an early stage tech investor, and TEDx speaker, JUST to name a few. 

I wondered, how can someone have accomplished so much at such a young age? How did he know this was even possible? What inspires him? 

“In no other time in history has it been easier to start a business."

In today's interview I find out the core set of beliefs that Swish embodies on a daily basis to continually go after people, projects, and experiences that others would avoid for fear of failure. 

We also learn who Swish considers to be his biggest mentors, and what is next on the horizon for this 19-yr-old college student. You'll be shocked to hear what he's lined up. 

Manu is an embodiment of what it means to take bold action. Never held back by age or or location or any other "limitations" that people often use as excuses to keep them from their goals, Manu proves time and time again that anything is possible when you get creative, get persistent, and take bold action.

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“You don’t go to a TEDx talk to learn about things as much as to get inspired to go DO Things."

-Manu Goswami


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  • What beliefs did Manu have to have to accomplish all that he has at such a young age? 
  • Who were Manu’s mentors and how have they impacted his life and career?
  • What’s the one skill that Gary V. has nailed, which Manu is actively trying to learn right now. 
  • Manu’s tips for connecting with influencers (who may appear to be inaccessible).
  • The #1 skill that has led him to speak at TEDx, and connect with people like Gary V. (hint: it’s probably not what you think). 
  • The #1 thing you should know if you want to give a TEDx talk. 
  • Why the Mentorship Movement is such a positive thing for today’s CEOs.
  • How you can leverage LinkedIn to spread your message. 
  • Why he believes anyone can become an advocate for a cause.
  • The true reason a lot of people initially get into non-profit and advocacy work, and why they won’t admit it. 
  • Why he thinks boot strapping trumps getting investors.