Bari Tessler: Understanding the Art of Money

Bari Tessler is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach and Mama-preneur. She has been healing people's stories with money for over a decade, and each year she leads hundreds of people in a global, year-long money school, which integrates Money Healing, Money Practices and Money Maps.

Her work has been featured on,, and the Huffington Post and in US News & World Report, Reuters Money, The Fiscal Times, Experience Life Magazine, Yogi Times, Best Self Magazine and Emerging Women.

Bari’s gentle, body-centered approach weaves together personal, couple, and creative entrepreneurial money teachings into one complete tapestry. It's a great addition to our financial mini series. 

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Last year Bari released her book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness, which I'm currently (and joyously) leading a group of women through following Bari's Book Club Guide. 

“I’m going to be updating and fine tuning my relationship to money, every year, forever."

~Bari Tessler


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  • What is somatic psychology?
  • Why it’s so important for your intimate relationships to understand your money story and be able to speak to it. 
  • What does financial therapy entail?
  • How to receive the financial education we didn’t receive in school. 
  • The three phases of Bari's financial healing methodology
  • The power of a body checkin when it comes to changing our relationship with money. (and when to use it)
  • How The Art of Money evolved into a year long program 
  • How to make money management more YOU, and more fun. 
  • How money dates can move you forward. 
  • The importance of picking a bookkeeping software (and deciding if you’re going to learn it on your own or hire someone to teach you). 
  • Why “renaming” your money categories can add deeper meaning and make it more playful. 
  • Why some people get stuck in the visioning and planning phase.