JP Sears: Life After 'How to Be Ultra Spiritual'

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JP Sears is a YouTube sensation and author of How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12½  Steps to Spiritual Superiority, and I’m thrilled to have him back on the show! If you’re not familiar with JP’s hilarious, satirical videos, you can check them out at and listen to when he was on the show during season one.

I invited JP to come back on the show because I wanted to know how life has changed since publishing How to be Ultra Spiritual, and learn more about his plans for the future.

JP’s even more popular than last time he was on the show, and that comes with both new challenges and opportunities. He’s using the friction to maintain clarity and evolve, as a spiritual being and as an online personality.

JP is getting more “unapologetically direct” with his message, but he’s not ditching the comedy. He’s learning how to use it in new ways to connect with and reach even more people.

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"Comedy is a language of connection."

-JP Sears


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  • How has JP become more spiritual since launching the book?

  • How is JP spiritually responsive to “the haters”?

  • How does JP decide what to say no to and what to say yes to?

  • What are JP’s most and least spiritual habits?

  • What are tactical or actionable ways that JP shows his girlfriend that she’s a priority?


  • How JP’s approach to creating videos has evolved.

  • How he makes decisions with his heart.

  • The awesome projects that JP has planned for the near future.

  • How JP connects to people with comedy.

  • How JP, and comedians like Kyle Cease, are breaking new ground in the world of spirituality with their comedy.

  • What JP’s creative process is like.

  • How JP maintains clarity in his business (and why clarity is so important for high performers).

  • Plus much more…

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