#UNCUT With Kim & Katie B - Behind the Scenes of Living in Bali

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This is the first episode in our #UNCUT with Kim and Katie B mini-series. I loved getting to have real-talk with my co-host Katie B from the Real Rebel Podcast; I'm secretly praying we will extend this 4-part series indefinitely. 

Katie is a dear friend I met on a recent trip to Bali and given that we're both aobut living that unconventional life, and DOING YOU, we wanted to get a bit more candid in front of the camera (and behind the podcast mic) for the benefit of YOU, the listener. 


  • What happens when we visit a fortune-telling High Priestess
  • The story of Luna
  • Tips for first-time travelers to Bali
  • How Ubud differs from the beach towns
  • Some of the perils and perks of living in South East Asia
  • What led both of us to fly halfway around the world
  • How to tell if you've been in Bali too long
  • What is the 'feather collective'?
  • And much more...



I'll let her tell you...

  • I love bullet point lists.
  • I'm the 2nd child in a family of 4 kids.
  • I love driving my Jeep.
  • I love health food but also love chips and chocolate.
  • I am a highly intuitive/sensitive person.
  • I would love nothing more than to dance all day.
  • I can bake like a motherf*cker.
  • I secretly wish I was a cool surfer chick. Alas I am afraid of getting water up my nose. It hurts so bad.
  • My hair is red and wirey AF. 
  • I love Kombucha way too much.
  • I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.
  • I studied Fashion Marketing. 
  • I'm a shit speler. 
  • I love to walk. I could walk for hours and hours.
  • I love my family so much it often brings me to tears. I'm pretty sure they think I'm super weird.
  • I used to think I was from another planet. The verdict is still out on this.
  • I used to want to be white female rapper. Verdict also still out on this.
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