Nada Lena: Empowering Women & Finding Happiness


We are so fortunate to have Nada Lena on the podcast today to share her inspiring story and all the incredible things she’s doing to help empower people around the world.

Nada learned early about the entrepreneurial lifestyle from her father.  As young teenagers, she and her brothers would help him run the myriad of businesses he owned like restaurants and trinket shops.  Such responsibility at a young age, coupled with the confidence her father had in her helped to create the self-assured and strong person that Nada is today.

Before she pursued her own entrepreneurial endeavors, Nada traveled the world as a singer, dancer and producer with the Young Americans.  This is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and inspire people globally through music, and she’s still involved in the organization today.  In her travels, she met many young performers like herself, but sometimes they would be saddled with insecurities and issues.

This led her to became a mentor to these young performers by being a role model and a positive source of inspiration.  She says that it’s often the people you surround yourself with that help to drag you down.

“If you’re constantly hanging out with negative people that are putting you down or that feel really bad about themselves, it becomes a cesspool of negativity.”

Nada's story of transformation began after a sudden divorce, when all seemed downhill and hopeless. In the middle of a flight back to the states, where she had left everything for the supposed man of her dreams, Nada had an epiphany.  She had two options, either quit and go home to cry for months, or she could use her pain as fuel for growth.  Of course she chose the latter and this decision manifested into Rise Up For You: a social media network dedicated to empowering women to work towards living their best life.

The first thing Nada did with Rise Up For You was to start a podcast to inspires other women.  Her reasoning behind this was to give immediate and free resources to women that they can use to help empower themselves to be better.  When she started the podcast, she asked herself three questions to help her guide the show:

  • What’s my message?  Empowering women to be better.
  • What’s my mission?  Give strategy tips and resources that are within the six categories below.
  • How do I build?  Reaching out to experts and professionals in the six categories and getting them on the show.

Nada tackles 6 elements of life through Rise Up For You:

  1. Relationships
  2. Investing
  3. Self-worth
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Love
  6. Health

“If you can find happiness in all six of those elements, you are going to be living your best life possible.  And if one of those elements isn’t at its fullest potential, you’re going to struggle.”

One of Nada’s best pieces of advice is, “If you want to go into a field where you help people, give stuff away for free.”  And don’t worry about giving away too much for free, because if you’re great at what you do, your audience will want to work with you beyond the free content you give them.

Well, Nada absolutely delivered for us here today, and everyone will learn much from her in this interview.  So listen and enjoy!


  • How did Nada transition from being a positive, confident person for herself to mentoring and coaching others in this regard?
  • Did her prior coaching experiences help her turn the tide when she was at the lowest point of her life?
  • What are some of the biggest lessons Nada has learned through coaching?


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  • How you can reverse engineer the steps that got you to the negative space you’re in now and how you can begin to get out of it.
  • How a fear of failure and feelings of inadequacies can hold you back from advancing in life and career.
  • How Rise Up For You helps to empower and educate women.
  • Having a personal coach is only part of the equation, and being receptive, willing to change and eager to put in the work are the other parts.
  • Plus much more…