Aaron Anastasi: Creating Success with 'The Voice of Your Dreams'


You may know Aaron Anastazi from his incredibly popular Superior Singing Method YouTube channel, where he’s had millions of views and has helped untold numbers of people improve their singing voices.

But what you may not know is that Aaron is also an actor, film producer, author, speaker and coach whose main goal in life, and what he’s most passionate about, is helping people live fuller and freer lives.  We were incredibly fortunate to have Aaron join us today to share his hard won success.

Aaron hit a rough patch with his business back in 2011, so he had to pivot from his marketing plan of Google ads to something else.  This is when e started giving away his content for free on his YouTube channel. 

Admittedly, Aaron was a bit hesitant to give away so much free and valuable stuff in the beginning, but that mindset of scarcity didn’t sit well with him for long.  He saw that his confident and trust-inspiring personality in those free videos helped to develop a huge following, and that’s when things really started to blow up for him.

Aaron knows that if his viewers appreciate what he gives them for free and if their lives and singing voices are changed for the better, then they’ll be interested in the other resources he has to offer.

My goal now is not to sell any one product, it’s to make a fan and create trust in somebody that I do really good work.

Aaron had to become a different person in order to make the Superior Singing Method a success.  The turning point came when his coach asked him, “Who do you have to be in order to get the results that you want?”  Aaron realized that grinding it out day after day and working hard wasn’t enough, he had to shift his thinking in such a way that would lead him to getting the results he wanted.

This search for success and improving himself led to Aaron’s first book called ‘The Voice of Your Dreams: Turn Down the Voices of Limitation and Turn Up the Volume of Success.’  It’s written to teach others how to lead themselves in any area of their life they want success in.

For his entire life, Aaron’s been counseling people for free, and inspiring those around him.  He never really saw the power that he had for himself because:

Oftentimes we’re blind to our biggest strengths because we live inside of them and we just assume everyone has the same strengths.

Seeing his students improve their lives is invigorating for Aaron and it taps into his bigger value of wanting people to live fuller and freer lives.

There was a year in Aaron’s life where he found great success in his singing business, developed a wonderful relationship with his wife and wrote his book.  He credits a few principles for this amazing year:


·      “Faster, Slower” – after slowing everything down he became the most prolific he’d ever been and accomplished more than ever before.

·      “It’s either a hell yeah or it’s a no” – this limits him to only the things he’s truly excited about.

·      “Steady plodding” – he likens himself to the tortoise in the old fable Tortoise and the Hare, so by committing to write two pages every day, 5 days per week, he was able to finish his manuscript in 6 months.

·      “Completion” – commit to completing something no matter what, don’t stop when it loses its luster.  Finishing something grows confidence in your ability to complete tasks.


Aaron has so much to share with the world, and you will absolutely get incredible value from this episode. 


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  • What process did he have to go through to be genuine and authentic on camera?
  • How did he take his successful singing practice into a book that’s about to launch?
  • What was Aaron’s path to speaking?
  • How was Aaron able to get his business success, develop a great relationship and write the book all within one year?


  • How Aaron’s systematic style of teaching appeals to people and is why he has so many loyal followers.
  • How you can get beyond your fear of public speaking.
  • About the avatar he uses when he’s speaking to the camera for his YouTube videos.
  • How improv classes can play a big role in making better coaches and speakers.
  • Plus much more...