Michael Gebben: How to Be Successful & Stay True to You

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This week's guest is easily one of the most passionate we've had on the show. In this episode, Michael holds nothing back as we chat about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and how he went from being a wedding videographer, to filming for big names like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss & Richard Branson. 

Through his journey, Michael discovered that the secret to finding success (AKA the crossroads of achievement and fulfillment, a la Tony Robbins) is to avoid the "shoulds" at all cost, and never stop taking action. Massive Imperfect Action, to be specific. 

Be it his career as a film & video expert, or as a coach for creatives, Michael has held his ground when it comes to chasing every new trend, and following the advice of everyone else in the industry. Sometimes, the best way to build your business, is to do what lights you up. 

One thing that Michael has done so well is persist in his attempts to connect with top influencers. And based on his portfolio, it's served him well. 

“I have nothing to lose by reaching out; I have everything to gain."

Tenacity (and admittedly, naiveté) have paid off in his pursuits of big name gigs. His advice: always show up with energy, and invest in the long game. Michael says, “For me, a non-response just means they didn’t see it." 


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  • What was his transition moment?

  • Why take Massive Imperfection Action?

  • Where did the Jumpstart analogy come from for his in-person events?


  • How he was able to work with Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Brendon Burchard, & Richard Branson. 

  • How he got started as an entrepreneur. 

  • What product put him on the map.

  • How he went from scared to speak in front of the class, to teaching large groups of people and crushing it on video. 

  • The one thing you have to have to be able to pitch big names your product or service. 

  • The two most important things to consider when reaching out to an influencer.

  • What’s wrong with a lot of courses out there now, and why people aren’t getting results. 

  • Why the in-person trainings are more effective than virtual teaching.