Mansal Denton: How Life Behind Bars Changed one Entrepreneur (for the Better)


I hope you’re sitting down! Today’s episode is as interesting as it is powerful.

Mansal Denton is an entrepreneur, published author, and in his early 20s was sentenced to 4 years in the Texas State penitentiary for stealing and selling historical documents from the Mazal Holocaust Library.

It really is the best thing that ever happened to me and it’s really a completely different lens I see life through now.

In our conversation, Mansal shares how between the ages of 17 and 25, he manages to publish a book about one of his favorite topics, commit a felony to fund his dreams and move to europe, later serve time for this crime, and eventually emerge far happier and wiser than if he’d never been caught.

Now based in Austin Texas, Mansal has run a variety of businesses, and credits much of his fulfillment to the time he spent behind bars. The perspective he gained was priceless.

“There are certain trials in life that people go through and I think oftentimes, especially with middle class and upper-middle class people, people who have a relatively comfortable life don’t ever experience that suffering. They don’t go through that rite of passage of suffering, and that’s really what prison felt like for me.”

Mansal looks at this experience as a rite of passage, and he is a different person now because of it. He has more gratitude and takes greater responsibility for his past and future actions.

Pushing the boundaries of potential is my why.

I really appreciate Mansal sharing his story so openly with us. We all have dark and light sides to our stories; but when we can use them to fuel a better future and inspire others to do the same, that’s when we transcend our transgressions and create a truly bold life.


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  • How did Mansal know how to write a book at the age of 18?

  • What happened? Give us more detail about what happened with stealing the historical documents, how that played out afterwards and how it has impacted where Mansal is now.

  • Was Mansal in court?

  • Mansal had a business launch happen right as he was going to prison?

  • How did Mansal’s two businesses play out?

  • Obviously going to prison wasn’t on Mansal’s life plan. What came out of that experience that he wouldn’t trade?

  • When Mansal exits prison, what does life look like?


  • The breadth of opportunities for creating an online business

  • Mansal’s powerful story

  • The importance of undergoing trials

  • How prison made Mansal a better person and entrepreneur

  • Plus much more…




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