Joel Runyon: Doing The Impossible Every Day


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A few years ago, Joel got tired of living an average life. He was waiting for things to happen but they never did, so he decided to do something about it. He created a list of the things he used to think were impossible and started doing them. Now he lives a life of adventure, runs multiple online businesses under the IMPOSSIBLE brand, and continues to do the impossible.

How many things out there that you’re telling yourself are impossible are easily doable if you just put in the time, effort and training it requires?

It all began with The Impossible List™. The list begain small, with just one thing he wasn’t sure was achievable: completing a triathlon. From there, it grew to dozens of Impossible challanges created and completed.

Once you do the impossible, you start to redefine your limitations. The blog isn’t a bucket list, or a list of things he hopes to do before he dies – it’s an ever-expanding list of his limits and what he can go beyond.

In his business, Joel is focusing on building out his team under the IMPOSSIBLE umbrella. He’s also breaking out his content across different subjects into separate businesses so that each can niche down even further.

“I’m getting better at being more explicit in what each business does, what needs to be done to run it, and who I need to take actions on those tasks.”

The next step is scaling it all. Joel is investing money, resources and his own time into preparing his team so that they can better help him grow the IMPOSSIBLE brand. He’s leveling up his role from manager to owner.

Joel and his team at Impossible X recently re-launched the 777 Project – an endurance, adventure and philanthropic initiative to run 7 ultra marathons on 7 continents in order to raise money and awareness to build 7 schools with Pencils of Promise. They will provide opportunities to those for whom a basic education can be impossible.

Loved getting to grab time with Joel amidst all of his adventures


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  • If Joel could go back to the early days, or maybe even not that long ago, what would he do differently?

  • What were the resources that Joel looked at that helped him start the business?

  • Joel has a lot of different projects in different interests under one umbrella. How does he manage that all?

  • What’s giving Joel the juice these days to feel inspired?


  • To redefine the impossible

  • The value of focus in an online business

  • The difference between being a manager and being a business owner

  • The importance of niching down

  • Plus much more…




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