Lori Darley: Dancing Naked & The Process for Creating an Authentic Life


I’m excited to have Lori Darley back on the show today. She is a leadership coach, trainer and CEO Founder of Conscious Leaders, LLC, which aims to train and develop leaders to practice conscious capitalism. Lori published her first book, Dancing Naked: Claiming Your Power as a Conscious Leader, in September.

If you didn’t hear my first interview with Lori, she’s great and I highly recommend listening to it. We discussed the concept of a Conscious Leader, which is being clear in the way we think, creating a space for ourselves where we give ourselves permission to wake up to our own biases and assumptions, and how that actually impacts the decisions that we make so that we’re actually freer and more intentional about the way in which we lead.

We don’t necessarily have a choice about how our brains are thinking, so we have to understand that there is an automatic nature to the brain.

Dancing Naked contains empowering messages that people can use to take back control of their lives and realize that we have the ability to reprogram ourselves, and reprogram our reality, whether or not you are in a leadership or management role.

The first half of the book is titled, “Claiming My Power,” and it’s made up of stories that illustrate the automatic nature of how we are programmed as a child, as well as some of Lori’s experiences as a dancer.

“I know there are not that many dancers in the world, and yet the way in which I experience life is much like everybody else’s. I call it the human condition.”

Lori believes the term “dancing naked” encapsulates the experience of tapping into our own wisdom and expressing it in the world in a way that gives our gifts to the people we impact. People often approach self-improvement through a series of prescribed steps, but Dancing Naked suggests that the human condition is not linear.

Dancing Naked is a metaphor that really points to a willingness to be fully self-expressed and vulnerable to giving the world your gift.

Dancing Naked approaches self-improvement through The Clearing Process, which includes the Four C’s of Clearing. These aren’t steps, they’re conversational spaces.

  • ClarityThe clearing for self-acceptance.

  • CompletionThe clearing for your relationship to the past.

  • Creation“Every moment is the opportunity to create one’s life.”

  • CapacityOnce we have a clarity around where it is that we are going and we are free from the past, then we get to consider the level of impact we want from our life.

Lori is afraid of the consequences of people not working to create a sense of self-awareness and intentional action, because then we aren’t living our purpose in life – we’re living our life based on what other people’s expectations are. Never learning to “dance naked” is like living a life with your ego on autopilot.

“Achievement is an extraordinary thing to experience, but sometimes we lose ourselves as we step onto that path.”

Thanks for coming back on the show, Lori. I was really excited to talk about Dancing Naked, and I’m proud that you made it through this incredible journey. Head to consciousleaders.us and sign up for their email list to receive a bunch of free resources, including a series of worksheets that will help people expereice The Clearing on their own, and to pick up your own copy of Dancing Naked: Claiming Your Power as a Conscious Leader.


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  • For people who might not be in a leadership or management role, what takeaways can they extract from the book (Dancing Naked) and apply in their day-to-day life?

  • Why did Lori choose the title Dancing Naked?

  • What are the consequences for people or leaders that don’t implement what Lori is teaching in the book?

  • Can Lori speak to any of the results she’s seen in people’s lives after performing what she calls The Clearing Process?

  • The Four C’s of the Clearing are described as conversational spaces as opposed to steps. Can Lori tell us what the Four C’s are and why it’s significant to use that terminology?

  • What was the hardest part of the book-writing process?


  • How Dancing Naked can empower anyone to take back control over their lives

  • What “dancing naked” means

  • The consequences of not becoming more fully self-expressed

  • The Four C’s of Clearing

  • Plus much more…




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