Lori Darley: How Conscious Leadership Benefits Everyone


I’m excited to introduce Lori Darley to the listeners.  She is a leadership coach and trainer who uses her skills to foster communication within the organizations she works with.  Her coaching focuses on optimizing communication, mainly the giving and receiving of feedback within the organization.

For a long time now, Lori has been involved in conscious capitalism; the idea that we can conduct business through mindful social, economic and environmental practices.  She runs her business, Conscious Leaders, LLC with these values in mind, and it’s something she actively coaches her clients and their employees in.

When you pay attention to the value that everybody brings to the organization, and they are seen and heard as valuable individuals, then they become more engaged.

Lori's main purpose is to evolve the consciousness of the entire planet, and while that may seem like quite a goal, Lori is absolutely capable of affecting this type of change. The reach of her business through organizations across the country is already so great.

To make any type of transcendent evolution or even just to solve a problem you’re facing, Lori recommends to change your perspective and look at things from the future as if you’ve already accomplished what you want to do.  Ask yourself, “What was the first thing I did to overcome the problem?”  When you do this, a pathway unfolds that wasn’t present for you before because you were stuck within the problem.

People can often be resigned to the career they’ve chosen, the problems their facing or the life they’re living; they’re stuck in an unhappy place, but don’t know how to get out.  Lori gives a few questions that people can ask themselves that can illuminate a new direction or a way break out of this funk:

  • What is it that makes them feel stuck? 
  • Why are they resigned to staying in this situation?
  • What mental blocks are currently in place?
  • How can they put their bandwidth to use elsewhere to satisfy their creative needs?

Lori will soon release a book called ‘Dancing Naked: A Journey for Conscious Leaders’ (to be released this fall).  Since running a business can be time consuming, I wondered where she found the time to fit in writing her book. She said it was tough to do alone, so she decided to hire a team to support her.  “They light a fire under my butt that I can’t put out on purpose.”  She leans on the team at Round Table Companies for their rigorous support, and sites their accountability and services as the reason for her success in the book writing process. 

To keep her mind sharp, Lori has a few habits she’s put into place to help her stay aligned with her beliefs:

  • Meditation – this daily practice allows her to look at the contents of her mind in different ways
  • Journaling – this is great for bypassing the thinking mind.  Putting pen to paper and writing daily for ten minutes has shaped her thinking and her conversations with others in a positive way.


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  • What is Conscious Leaders, LLC?
  • What does the term “transcendent evolution of leadership” mean?
  • How can a person be what they need to be in order to achieve what they want?
  • How did Lori’s life evolve from dancer to dance school owner to founder of Conscious Leaders, LLC?
  • Does she have any advice for people who want to feel expressed in their work, but didn’t choose a career path that lets them lead or act creatively?


  • Lori’s motivation for starting Conscious Leaders, LLC and what benefit can people get from her coaching.
  • How she’s gradually adding virtual coaching/training into her business model.
  • How she was able to fit writing a book into her busy schedule.
  • A technique of journaling which gives her great results.
  • Plus much more…