Jane Claire Hervey: BossBabesATX & the Rise of Female Empowerment in Business


It’s a very interesting, transitional time to be a woman in business and Jane Claire Hervey is dedicated to riding the tide to female empowerment, greatness and success.   

Jane is the founder and CEO of BossBabesATX, a local community of female entrepreneurs and creatives in the Austin area, which actually went viral when it launched in May 2015. 

Discouraged by a lack of available mentors who could help Jane and her friends, all successful recent college graduates with their own businesses, they were inspired to put together a small informal group of women who might also be feeling the same way. To gauge interest and gain a better understanding of what this group could provide, Jane conducted interviews with other women in the community.  She picked up on a lot of general distrust; these women didn’t feel they had a ‘safe’ place to go to grow and develop without competition, a place where they could openly support one another. 

From these interviews and Jane’s own beliefs in supporting women in their creative interests and business endeavors, BossBabesATX was formed.  She completely fleshed out everything before ‘going public’ and having their first meeting.  The idea skyrocketed!! Overnight, they went from 10 RSVP’s to 550 and by the end of the weekend, the invite had over 90 RSVPs.

While she believed their first get-together would be small and casual, it drew so much interest and participation that it ended up being the first iteration of what is now a standard BossBabeATX “meet” consisting of hundered of women in the community.  Since then, BossBabesATX has continued to grow and more attention than Jane and her friends ever imagined.   

Jane credits some of the success of the community to the pillars of branding laid out well before the first meetup. She shares what these pillars are, and why having your mission statement so clearly defined saves you in times of rapid growth. With so many decisions to make and so much feedback coming in, understand the core vision for the company allows you to stay on track and continue serving the community in a really powerful way.

Finally, we chat about her childhood experiences and how they’ve made her so strong as a woman who believes in justice and equality, why she welcomes being challenged and having the ‘hard’ conversations, and why she believes ‘working for free’ is a completely skewed way of having a real sharing economy.      

Jane believes that whatever you do, be authentic and aware.  Being BOLD and making an impact requires you to admit your shortcomings, genuinely step out, and engage with your community.  Come join us for this exciting, powerful and honest interview with Jane Claire Hervey! 


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Some questions I ask:

  • Why is BossBabeATX seeking B-Corp status?  What are the benefits?   
  • What are her long-term goals for promoting female empowerment using BossBabeATX?
  • What marketing tools or platforms has Jane used to ‘spread the word’ about BossBabeATX?
  • What gives Jane the confidence to be so profoundly authentic and transparent?
  • What life experiences motivate Jane to work so passionately at helping other women succeed?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why having your mission statement from day one will inform your success and growth going forward
  • Why Jane prefers the ‘pitch’ style of meeting vs. the ‘networking mixer’ format
  • The strategic reasons that BossBabesATX was filed as an LLC rather than a non-profit 501(c)3
  • The importance of being thorough in your brand ‘build-out’ before launching
  • Why it’s important to discern between constructive criticism and subversive jealousy or bullying
  • Plus much more…

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