Taylor Pearson: Secrets to Self Publishing Success

Taylor Pearson

Taylor Pearson is the innovative mind behind The End of Jobs, a new book that focuses on the rise of entrepreneurship and why it's a better career choice for today.

Taylor doesn't consider his path from marketing manager to self-published author a complete 180, though.  He's always thought of his career and life in terms of trajectory; always improving and accelerating to the next level. Thats not to say that he wasn't a little bit nervous about putting pen to paper! But, with a successful blog, and ample hours reading some of the best thought leaders of our time, he'd prepared himself and felt reasonably confident enough to take the plunge into the world of publishing.

Turns out, he's pretty great at it. Taking inspiration from the book, The 12 Week Year, Taylor spent only 9 months on The End of Jobs, and it has been incredibly successful, quickly rising to the top of Amazon's business category.

The End of Jobs is not so much a blueprint on how to immediately quit your day job and start your own business, but instead the book looks at the four distinct economic phases that the West has experienced and why entrepreneurship is such a great choice. It's more of a thought process rather than an action list. Reason being,  while so many of us have been trained to follow certain professional scripts (and constantly seek them out when we're looking to make a transition) the  path of entrepreneurship puts you in charge of writing your own script. Ergo, there is no script on a silver platter. 

What this means is that everyone, from the established business owner to the employee, can embody the principles of entrepreneurship; its about a creativity mindset, a new way of thinking about work and a new view way of viewing the world. 

Taylor and I sit down today to chat about lessons he learned during his book launch and how becoming an author has opened new doors for him and broadened his view on what is possible.

Many of us have an internal force, a resistance, that holds us back from ourselves. Boldness comes from going straight towards and through that resistance each and every day, and succeeding in spite of it.


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Some questions I ask:

  • What does the mindset shift look like from employee to entrepreneur to self-published author?
  • What are the 4 stages of the book launch process?
  • Should first-time authors pursue self-publishing or seek a traditional publishing house?
  • Which thought leaders have been integral for his success?
  • What motivates Taylor to explore the implications and possibilities of entrepreneurship?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Strategies for gauging interest in your book during the first-draft stage.
  • Why Facebook groups are absolutely essential for building a community around your book.
  • How to create excitement and a sense of urgency during the book launch.
  • The overall benefits of initially offering your book for free.
  • The value of joining Mastermind groups and tips on how to find and join them.
  • Plus much more...

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