Anton Kraly: How to build a Lifestyle Business

Anton Kraly

Anton Kraly is the epitome of a lifestyle entrepreneur.  His online business and community, Dropship Lifestyle, is his passion and he’s managed to create a lucrative business around running his own dropshipping e-commerce stores and teaching thousands of other entrepreneurs how to do the same.

Having had several e-commerce businesses that were successful, Anton set out to look for something new.  Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ book, ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’, he wanted something that could achieve a little more on auto-pilot.  So, he started a drop-shipping business, but he ran up against roadblocks when he was looking for guidance and advice online.  He couldn’t find anyone who was doing the same thing who also knew what they were talking about.  In fact, had he taken some of the advice thrown around out there, it would have destroyed him. 

Instead, he found himeself learning it all on his own and becoming a thought leader in the space. Eventually, he decided to take his information and turn it into an online course and forum, and Dropship Lifestyle was born!

On his website, clients get access to his course as well as the community, so users can ask each other questions.  In fact, so many people have built successful businesses using his course that they can actually run the community almost themselves and he rarely even has to moderate or facilitate.  That leaves him the time to build out more functional assets for his clients, such as his own Shopify app that automates order-processing, ‘store-front’ fully-customizable templates, and he’s currently working on a Niche Finder app. 

His goal is to create the only apps any of his users will ever need to run their own successful ecommerce stores. Dropship Lifestyle’s success has also spun off into some other successful businesses, such as his supplier directory site, live events, and a $100K+ sub-forum for the best-performing sellers.  

His goal for 2016 is to grow his community even bigger. There are several clients in the community doing things he didn’t even anticipate when he first put the course out there and he sees what a big impact it has on people’s lives.  So, Anton has made the commitment to spend about $30-$50K per month in paid advertising to widen the net and reach more people.  He will be building another site this year that shows exactly what that kind of advertising ‘spend’ looks like and how to track it, etc., as another teaching outlet. 

Anton and I chat today about his mindset shift from traditional business to online business, why Saigon has been such a lucrative homebase the past few years, and what he sees for the future of Dropship Lifestyle.

The only difference between those who are successful and those who are still waiting is a higher tolerance for risk. Anton has proven his ability to embrace risk and this boldness has served him well.

His enthusiasm for living ‘the lifestyle’ is contagious! He simply loves what he does and isn’t afraid to try new things.  Join us for this motivating and fun interview!


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Some questions I ask:

  • What is a lifestyle business?   
  • Who inspires Anton? Where does he look for mentorship?
  • How quickly could someone expect to start making sales with a drop-ship platform?
  • How many people does Anton need to employ to run a successful lifestyle business?
  • What is one of the most embarrassing niches he’s come across in the drop-ship world?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why drop-shipping is a lucrative opportunity for new entrepreneurs
  • Why you can’t just rely on SEO and why paid traffic is essential
  • What a typical day looks like for Anton as he’s running multiple revenue-generating businesses
  • Why some things that sell better online don’t necessarily work with traditional traffic sources
  • Plus much more…

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