Trey Stinnett: Clearing Space to Create Happiness

Trey Stinnett

Trey Stinnett, creator of the ‘Self-Hacker Journey,’ lives what he calls a life of creation.  He is here with us today to talk about what that really means and his mission to help others find their true happiness.   

As with most entrepreneurs, Trey’s path has been a bumpy one.  At just 21 years old, he was a millionaire real estate investor.  Getting hit by the economic fall-out was just one loss; at the same time he lost close family members and his wife had a miscarriage.  He went into a deep state of reflection and ultimately realized that when happiness is based on ‘results’ in your life, that is a very fragile sort of happiness.  He started crawling out of the mire and recreating himself. 

It has been 12 years now that he’s been on a path of self-development and raising his consciousness.  He’s now constantly and radically happy about his life.  His mission is to help as many people as he can to reach what he has attained-to be in a state of creation, to be living in each moment to manifest the desires of your heart.  

Trey’s work is all about shifting paradigms to create breakthroughs in our life. Paradigms are the belief systems we have, what we believe about the world and our place in it.   The first thing we can do to start this shift is understand that we are not defined by personality types, right and left brain thinking, masculine/feminine energy.  All of these things are dynamic and changeable.  They are relevant, but not permanent. They do not define us.  We define us.   

Trey has spent years studying the great thought leaders of almost every discipline.  When he first started teaching others, he was imparting all of this information in the way he learned it.  Today, his Breakthrough Formula Program focuses instead on creating the framework to clear your past so you can start living in the moment, no matter what kind of moment life happens to be throwing at you. He is also currently at work on ‘Limitless’, a series of in-person events that will be going live in the second half of 2016. 

Trey Stinnett 2

Trey and I talk today about breaking through self-limiting beliefs, not judging ourselves and our past, how he is trying to impart ‘living in creation’ philosophy to his daughters, and theunderlying passion in everything he does. 

So many of us get in our own way by doing what we’ve always done.  We try and shove more in to make ourselves ‘better’ instead of doing the work of clearing out to start anew.  It’s bold to embrace a willingness to change, and to do what doesn’t come natural. But it opens you up to new worlds and possibilities.  Join us today for this inspiring and thought-provoking interview with Trey Stinnett!


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Some questions I ask:

  • What did the transition from millionaire real estate investor to self-development coach look like?
  • What are some tips that people can use to ‘clear the clutter’ and start living in creation?
  • Which thought leaders have influenced Trey the most during his journey?
  • What advice do you have for people wanting to start a public speaking career?
  • What three personal factors determine Trey’s current mission?  How will they affect his future goals?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How we can create paradigm shifts in our life to ‘complete’ past relationships and improve our ‘now’
  • Why trying to ‘trick’ our subconscious does not work
  • At exactly what point Trey had his personal breakthrough
  • The most important thing we can do as a species to grow as individuals
  • The concept of Pattern Interruption and how Trey uses it in his Breakthrough Formula Program
  • Plus much more…

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