Simone Sauter: How to Heal Heartbreak and Go From Surviving to Thriving


Simone Sauter is a broken heart coach who uses her own life experiences to help women get beyond the end of a relationship.  She’s the creator of and she was a terrific, insightful and authentic guest for the show.

Simone went through a terrible breakup at the end of her 10-year long relationship with the man she thought she would marry.  She wallowed in depression for a long time after that, until a couple years later she unexpectedly had her “epiphany moment” where she suddenly felt relief and was able to finally let the relationship go. 

She decided at this moment that she would now dedicate her life to helping other women deal with heartbreak.  To educate herself in this new line of work, she began reading countless books, going to seminars, seeing a therapist, and even went as far as hiring her own broken heart coach.  All of these experiences prepared her for landing her first client.

One of the things that Simone teaches is that dealing with loss is all about your own mindset, and your mindset is something you control.  “I’m the only one who can give permission to myself to be happy.”  Happiness doesn’t come from the outside, but the inside.

Simone knows first-hand that no two clients are alike, so she caters her coaching to the individual.  Everyone deals with heart break and betrayal differently, and there are actually 3 main causes for breakup suffering that Simone helps clients deal with:

  1. Emotional wounds from the past – a recent breakup can resurrect old wounds that never fully healed
  2. Grief of losing someone – breakup emotions are very similar to the emotions of dealing with death
  3. Wrong beliefs – feeling like you’re worthless and that you don’t deserve love or lasting relationships

At the beginning of every potential new client relationship, she starts with a quick 15 minute call to see if she and the new client are compatible.  If they decide to continue the client/coach relationship, then her coaching is focused on three aspects of healing:

  1. Let Go – this is the toughest part, to accept it’s over and to let go of the relationship and your ex-partner
  2. Self-Love – finding reasons to love yourself
  3. Wrong Beliefs – finding what wrong beliefs are present, and bringing them to the surface to correct them

Even though her clients have many heart-breaking stories with many of them mirroring what Simone went through, she’s able avoid her own emotional past coming up and overwhelming her.  She can do this because she’s fully forgiven herself and her ex for the past, and she’s able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for her clients.  She knows that eventually, no matter how bad things are now, that with her expertise the client will get beyond this.

Everything needs to fall apart to fall into place.

When I asked Simone what being bold meant to her, she said that it is to fully loving yourself yourself as you are, knowing what you want to change in the world and working to make it happen.  “If we all do our part, this world will be a better place.”


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  • How did she educate herself in life coaching and broken heart coaching?
  • Were there any surprising things that Simone learned during the process of educating herself?
  • How does she sensitively help people get to the point of understanding?
  • Was it difficult for her to be publically vulnerable when she launched this business?
  • How does she see her brand growing, and where does she want to take the business?


  • The 3 quick and actionable things that heart-broken people can start doing now to help them cope
  • How she screens new clients to determine if the relationship will work for both parties
  • How journaling can help you learn about your subconscious thoughts on relationships
  • How Simone used Google Alerts to launch Dating Rocks with so much exposure
  • Plus much more…