Roz Savage: Lessons Learned Rowing Solo Across 3 Oceans

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Roz Savage is one of the most interesting people I've ever chatted with, let alone interviewed for the podcast. She's fiercely smart, but chose to leave behind her successful career in corporate consulting to row across 3 major oceans all by herself! 

I was curious about what motivates someone to undertake such a quest,  how she endured it,and what she learned along the way. Roz has since authored a number of books, give speeches all over the world, and even been invited to Yale to teach a course on courage. 

All those accolades and she's still incredibly down to earth. I'm sure you'll agree that her bold adventure is beyond inspiring so take a listen and leave a comment below! 


"It all started to seem frighteningly doable."

- Roz Savage

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  • What thoughts occupied your mind most? 
  • What was one of the scariest moment? 
  • What did you consume? 
  • What did training look like? 
  • How much do you talk to yourself? What do you say? 
  • What did the boat look like? How did you afford it? 
  • What was the most surprising part?
  • What made kept you laughing while at sea?
  • What was the coolest animal you saw?
  • Who inspires you now? 


  • How starting with the “end in mind” is what led her to radically change her life to avoid regrets and lack of fulfillment. 
  • Why she kicked off her adventure with a trip to Peru, and what happened when she tried Ayahuasca. 
  • Why she chose rowing as her sport of choice, and what led her to decide to cross the three major oceans. 
  • How her mission to raise environmental awareness played into her quest.
  • What courses and classes she needed to take to prepare, and how many hours per day she needed to train. 
  • How she survived when all 4 of her oars were broken by massive waves. 
  • What you learn when you’re alone with your thoughts for months on end. 
  • The closest she came to dying, and what kept her going.
  • About her new global initiative called “The Sisters” and why she’s so excited about it.