Laura & Ben Harrison: Turning Blindness into a Social Impact Business


When their first child, Jonas Paul, was born without sight, Laura & Ben Harrison made it their mission to give him (and other children like him) a chance at a normal life. They dove head-first into a business creating stylish eyewear for children, and partnered with organizations worldwide to bring quality eye care to developing countries. 

I loved learning how they infused their innate creativity (as former photographers and designers) to create a brand that brings happiness to kids all over the world. What's more, through our conversation, you'll see just how easy it can be to add a social impact component to your business. 

If you're craving fulfillment, and want to hear an inspiring story about real people doing really big things, then this interview is for you. 

The fear of missing out on the opportunity we felt like we were called to be in, was greater than the money we would spend to invest.


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  • What does it take to launch an eyewear business? 
  • What was the initial investment for this type of product business? Where did you source from?
  • How did they transition to a home-try-on business? 
  • How did you pick your non-profit partners?

  • How did you land The Today Show and other great media exposure for the business? 


  • How Laura & Ben got the clarity they'd been seeking to merge business with impact. 
  • Why their background as Destination Wedding photographers played a huge role in their desire to improve their son's sight.
  • How their previous businesses helped them avoid the 'failure to launch' syndrome.
  • Some of the tricks they used to get good pricing and minimum order quantities from manufacturers when they first launched. 
  • How they found advisors and investors for their cause.
  • Why consistency in marketing has been the most integral piece. 
  • How they chose coordinated the social impact piece of the business.