Jenni Brown: Solving The Creative Entrepreneur's Dilemma

Do you call yourself a creative? Do you also struggle to merge your passions with your professional pursuits?

Today I'm chatting with Jenni Brown, cofounder of San Francisco based branding agency, Prim’d Marketing, and host of the soon to be released podcast Type A Creative. And in our conversation we talk about how you can take successfully merge both the left and right brains to find fulfillment as a creative entrepreneur. 

If you love to create and fantasize about paying the bills through your creative work, you may find that this pressure can sometimes leave your creatively constipated. This is no way to live, and will likely leave you broke and unfulfilled. 

Jenni shares with us the ongoing practices she uses to create space for her creative pursuits, and how to relieve the pressure we often place on getting paid for these projects.

She also explains why she went back to school for her MFA, despite feeling like you do not need a piece of paper to call yourself a writer, sharing how this pursuit of education may not have shown an obvious return on investment, but left her feeling full nonetheless.

"Your art has value that may not show up in the form of dollars in your bank account."

If you've ever wondered how to thrive as a creative in a professional world, this interview has your name on it. Rest easy knowing that you're not alone! And there is a way to have the best of both worlds. 

"You don't need a certification to be a writer."

Jenni Brown


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  • How to merge the left & right brain to find fulfillment.
  • The struggle many creatives face when trying to buid a business. 
  • How Jenni & her partner Sophie successfully manage their business partnership. 
  • How Jenni uses her MFA in her branding agency. 
  • How to create space for your own creativity.