Bridgette Mayer: The Art Cure - From Foster Care to Fortune


Today we’re learning from Bridgette Mayer, an artist, entrepreneur and author of The Art Cure: A Memoir of Abuse and Fortune. For the past 16 years she has been running a top contemporary art gallery in Philadelphia helping her clients and the artists she serves improve the quality of their life through art.

Bridgette transitioned her gallery from a public model to a private model because many of the artists she has worked with were doing larger, more global projects. This business model better accommodates the needs of artists working on a global scale.

I started to grow rapidly, and part of that growth was always looking beyond the gallery walls.

Bridgette looks for opportunities to exercise her creativity and grow her business outside of her gallery. She attends art fairs; offers consulting opportunities for individuals and corporations; and signs on to larger consulting projects, in which she might sell 2-300 paintings. Larger consultations evolved into consulting on public art installations and municipal art programming.

The next step in Bridgette’s evolution was writing The Art Cure to share her powerful story and unique business model. She started running workshops for artists on how to create a vision, build their careers and actually make money. Bridgette is called to work with artists because the most important lessons that she has learned aren’t taught in books or in art school – they’re taught through years of experience.

“You don’t find the stuff that I’ve learned through running my business and working with artists in books.”

When Bridgette talks to artists, she imparts the fundamental habits and beliefs that seven-figure artists have:

  • It starts with establishing a vision about what you’re making. What impact do you want your art to make on the world?

  • Completely reconsider your preconceptions about money. Bridgette grew up in poverty and she had to reprogram what she thought was possible for her financially.

  • Effective communication skills are necessary to attract the right audience, and then you need the confidence and language to sell and connect with people.

My goal is to get more artists making a living, thriving and enjoying what they’re doing professionally.”

I really appreciate Bridgette for her ability to be a beacon not just for artists, but also for people from difficult backgrounds. She empowers her audience to understand that their past does not dictate the future. You can get empowered by picking up a copy of The Art Cure or heading to


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  • When did Bridgette first realize art was pulling her, not just personally but also professionally?

  • Give us insight on moving from a public model to a private model.

  • Where did Bridgette learn the business skills she needed to run a business, if she didn’t have anyone to teach her?

  • Does Bridgette feel that anyone, with any medium, can become financially successful with their art?

  • Does Bridgette believe that it is people’s sense of imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs that’s actually holding them back?

  • What habits and beliefs do seven-figure artists have?

  • Does Bridgette have examples of some of her clients to show the process of going from an artist to an artist & entrepreneur?


  • A history of poverty does not dictate a future of poverty

  • How Bridgette developed a unique business model for artists

  • The habits and beliefs of seven-figure artists

  • How Bridgette grew her business by transitioning from a public to private business model

  • Plus much more…




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