Jeremy Slate: How To Build A Network Of Influencers


Jeremy is a tenacious and successful podcaster who’s about to take his show the ‘Create Your Own Life Podcast’ from 3 days a week to 5!   He’s so dedicated to providing value for his listeners, and he knows that adding the extra two days will give that much more to his subscribers and take his show to the next level.

The ‘Create Your Own Life Podcast’ was born from his desire help others to lead the life of their dreams.  The guests on his podcast give usable action steps that listeners can run with to build the life they envision for themselves. 

Not only do his listeners get great insights from his podcast guests, but Jeremy does as well.  He recently had on Calvin Wayman and one of the lessons that Calvin discussed that really hit home with Jeremy, was the idea of not waiting for things to be perfect before you take action.

It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be done.

There are many reasons his listeners tune in, but one thing that Jeremy hopes many of them get is a mind shift from thinking and worrying about problems to being geared towards finding solutions.  Problems lead to solutions, and solutions lead to potential business ideas. This simple shift also makes the different between feeling hopeless, vs. Constantly seeing opportunities.

Jeremy has worked hard to determine his goals and why he’s pursuing them.  When you understand what you really want and why this drives you, you’re motivated to focus on the actions that push you towards your goals.  This has led to some incredible success with his podcast.

From the get-go, Jeremy knew that for his podcast to be a success he needed to interview some big names with large followings of their own.

He gave us some great tips for communicating with and gaining the trust of influential people:

  • Make a list of 100 important/influential/admired people that you really want to talk to, interview and network with.
  • Find their email addresses – sneaky email hack: or are great guesses.
  • Compose tantalizing emails where you show them the impact they’ve had on you, how you respect what they’re doing and how you can help them achieve more.
  • Know what they are working on now and how you can help with that.
  • Offer to help and even to work with their PR people.
  • Use boosted posts in Facebook for promoting influential guests with large followings.

To make the most of your time with influencers:

  • Be the person most interested in him or her.  You’re not asking questions for your listeners, but for yourself to learn and grow from.  This helps to create a real relationship as opposed to it being just an interview.
  • Do your research and target your questions and comments around the things the guest is interested in but nobody ever asks about.
  • Show you care!

Jeremy believes that being bold is ignoring the negativity, forgetting what the outside world is telling you, knowing your purpose and always moving forward.  So many gems in this interview with Jeremy, he's definitely one to watch.


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  • How do his beliefs differ from people who are not creating life on their terms?
  • Which thought leaders have inspired him on his journey?
  • Did big name guests help to promote their appearances on his podcast?
  • Why take the show from 3 episodes per week to 5 per week
  • If he could be mentored by any [living] person, who would it be?


  • Some of the great lessons that Jeremy learned from interviewing guests on his show.
  • What it was like to be recognized in-person for the first time by one of his listeners.
  • How problems lead to innovations and growth.
  • How Jeremy got his download #’s up to 10,000/month.
  • Why you need somebody to talk your problems out with.
  • Plus much more…