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What would you do if money wasn't an issue?

I was catching up with a friend recently via WhatsApp, when he started sending me pictures of all this delicious food. Lamb Chops... Bay Leaf Panna Cotta... a WHOLE PIG. 

Immediately I started salivating.

Once I had wiped the drool from my chin (like a ladyyyy) I managed to ask him, "WTF where is that??" (like a ladyyyy).

I learned that he had enrolled in culinary school in San Francisco. 

…just because.

We’re talking fancy, white hat, multiple hours a day, every day, LEGIT culinary school. And not because he has any desire to be a chef.

Nope, he enrolled in the six month program, simply because he wanted to improve his knife skills, make the perfect soufflé, and learn to butcher a pig.  Simply because he’s always been one for mastery. Ever since we met, he’s been known to commit, and really invest in becoming an expert at the things he enjoys. 

Five years ago, when he discovered the paleo diet--and it changed his life--he decided to write Paleo cookbooks and sold them on Amazon (and made a decent penny doing so). 

He really goes all in, in a way that I’ve always envied and admired. 

So where am I going with this?

Well sure, my friend is fortunate enough to drop $30K on a 6 month culinary program in San Francisco. But not just because he has the funds to do so; it’s because he’s created a life that gives him the funds to do so.

Do you see the difference? 

He wasn’t born with $30K just lying around. In fact, when I met him in 2013, his business (which can apparently can run on autopilot now, or with very little effort on his part) didn’t even exist. He built it with hustle and hard work. 

And now, he’s reaping the benefits. Now he’s doing things that illustrate money is not an issue. 

If you’re thinking, Nice for him, Kim. But we don’t all have such luxuries. 

Well that’s just not true. Hear me out...

Instead of thinking, “Sure if I had a 7 figure business, I’d go to cooking school too!" (or buy a boat, or whatever your jam is). Instead of thinking, "if I had the money, then…." or "when I have the money…"

Instead of doing it the way you’ve always done it… what if you decided NOW what your dream experiences are, or your ideal life looks like, and then go after the money to make it happen. 

That’s right, work backwards.

It’s hard to call in an extra $30K if you have no where for it to go. 

The year is still young. There’s plenty of time to cross some bucket list items off. 

What is one really exciting thing that you’d do this year, if money wasn’t an issue? (Bonus points if you email me and tell me!)

For me, it’s attending a writing workshop held annually in Paris. 

I know it costs $6000 + room and board + flight. I also know that there are a handful of other trips I already have planned for this year, so that’s an additional ~$9000 that I need to conjure up. 

How much more effective is it to say “What I want costs $9000, here are 10 ways I could potentially earn that money before July…” vs. “I’d love to do a writing workshop in Paris, but it’s too expensive. Someday when I have more money."

One inspires action, the other does not. 

See what I mean?

Now it's your turn. Take 5 minutes and brainstorm some things you would just LOVE to do if money wasn’t an issue. 

Pick one and figure out how much it would cost to do it.

Pro-tip: Do you know anyone who has already done it? Is there anyone who could connect you for cheaper with this bucket list experience? Are scholarships available? Does it ever go on sale? Be resourceful!

Adult like your dreams depend on it! Because they sort of do.

Whether it’s a 6 month sabbatical to learn the difference between fricassee and flambé,  or a balloon ride over New Mexico, or a sailing trip across the Atlantic, chances are someone else has already done it. Which is only proof that it’s possible. 

Don’t let money be the barrier between you and the life you want. Become clear on what you want to do with your short time on earth, and create a plan to go get it.

Like many things in life, the Universe will have a hard time giving you what you want if you don’t ask for it.