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How The Bold Life Movement is Changing

You know the saying “the only thing constant is change”? As cliche as it may be, I see evidence of that everywhere.

In my relationships, in my business, in other people’s businesses. There are seasons and there are phases. Sometimes you’re hustling your butt off, sometimes you’re focusing on generating ideas and strategy. Sometimes you feel head over heels, sometimes you’re doing the work to stay connected. Sometimes you feel super clear about where you’re going, other times you wonder how you even got to where you are.

Since launching The Bold Life Movement, I’ve experienced my own share of ups and downs, and U-turns, and back flips. My offers have evolved, my focus has shifted— sometimes I even felt bad about that. But truth is that it’s totally normal.

If you ever question how other people 'have it so easy', I guarantee you that you’re not seeing the whole picture. You’re not seeing the late nights, the behind the scenes thrashing. You’re not privy to the conversations with their family, friends and mentors. You don't see all the effort required to figure out the next move.

Today’s post is to celebrate and announce the next big phase of The Bold Life Movement (yayyy!), but I couldn’t do that without first sharing that it’s just one part of an ongoing journey. That I did not start my business with the clarity I have today, and that if you feel lost or demotivated right now, just know that this too shall pass.

Keep doing the work, keep going back to your ‘Why' (be it in your career, in your relationship, etc.) Just know that nothing about your past dictates your future and it’s NEVER too late to reinvent yourself.

*Now that that’s out of the way…*

Though I've already announced this to my inner circle, this is the first time I've shared the news for alllll to see. So, It’s with a VERY happy heart that I officially open the doors to the brand NEW High Performance Coaching program. *cue confetti*

I recently spent 5 days in San Diego at an intensive training with 200 other coaches, learning from the 2nd highest paid performance coach in the entire world (second only to Tony Robbins).

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It was one of the most exciting weeks in my business to date. We spent every day learning the principles of high performance, immersing ourselves in the curriculum, coaching through every session AND getting to experience the program as a client ourselves.

Since launching The Bold Life Movement almost 2 years ago, I can honestly say this was the best investment I’ve ever made, and I’ve never been more confident in my ability to serve you on your path to a better life.

Becoming a high performer is simply about living out your highest potential in ALL areas of your life. It’s about taking things to the next level, and this program is a research-based approach to doing that.

If you’re still unsure what High Performance Coaching is, or you want to know why I invested thousands of dollars to become certified in it, then check out this video I made here.

If you feel called to take your life to the next level, then go ahead and apply for the free strategy session. I guarantee it will be one of the most impactful 60 minutes you’ve spent on the phone with a coach, and that’s just the first call.

If any part of you feels ready to step up your game, then do yourself this favor. Check out the video and see if a free coaching call is a fit for you.

In celebration,