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Tony Robbins has a saying, "proximity is power" and I believe that whole-heartedly. The closer you are to someone or something, the more influence you have on each other. Another way he explains this concept, is this notion that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. (Hence the power and popularity of masterminds!) 

While this training doesn't promise to make you instant besties with your idols and mentors, it does provide some actionable ways for you to start making progress in that direction. One of the ways I've been able to foster relationships with people I admire is to simply put myself in their path, as often as possible. To show up (sometimes not *explicitly* invited), to be myself, to provide value of some kind, and then to always follow up. 

We'll get to the latter points later in the training, but today we're focusing on proximity. How can you get physically closer to those you admire, so that you increase your odds of connection. 

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Check out the "events" page on their website to look for other opportunities
  • Listen to their podcast or follow them on social media to hear what their travel schedule is
  • Be willing to TRAVEL!
  • Be willing to get creative.
  • Attend their book signings
  • Attend the conferences they host
  • Attend conferences you know they'll be speaking at
  • Attend conferences you know they'll be attending

Action Item: 

Yesterday you should have written a list of 3 individuals you'd like to connect with, either professionally or personally.

  1. Use this list to research where they will be showing up in the next 3 months. 
  2. Write these events down, and put them in your calendar.
  3. Buy tickets to these events, and start visualizing yourself meeting them. 

I'll give you an example from my own life. After attending my first World Domination Summit in 2015, I developed a dream for speaking on that stage, and for connecting more with the host, and NYT Bestselling author, Chris Guillebeau. When I learned that he was going to be coming to Austin on his book tour for Born For This, I was thrilled! 

That meeting led to a friendship that I'm forever grateful for, and an invite to host a spark session at the 2016 WDS event. We'll get into the nitty gritty of how I caught Chris's attention later in the training, but I'll tell you that it definitely involves taking a bold approach!

In addition to thinking about what you'd say to someone when you met them, you can actually be proactive about this process by first clarifying how you want to be perceived. 

This can vary, depending on what your end-goal is. 

Action Item:

Take a look at your list of goals from yesterday, and the list of people you are determined to connect with. Based on the desired outcome, decide how you intend to position yourself once you're in front of them. 

Example #1: If your goal is to bring someone on as a partner, you want to position yourself as a peer. So one way to do this is to look for common connections, and have someone introduce you at an upcoming event. 

Example #2: If your intention is to have someone as a guest on your podcast, it may serve you to approach them as a fan (a fan with a following, of course) and simply make a lasting impression. Then, double down on that meeting by following up later to make the ask. 

Using your lists from yesterday, describe how the possible scenarios for connection might look:

  • Are they hosting a meet-up where you'll have the opportunity to chat? 
  • Are they speaking at an event and you may need to be strategic about getting in front of them? 
  • Are they holding a book signing where you're assured some 1:1 time? 
  • Is there some VIP ticket that you can buy where you'll get access to them (and other influencers)?

No clarify how you'll want to be perceived: 

  • As a peer? (do you want to someday call them a friend?)
  • As an apprentice? (are you willing to work for free to learn from them?)
  • As a product champion? (do you want to get on their radar to spearhead local efforts to champion their brand and spread their message?)
  • As a future partner? (think of what value you bring to the relationship)
  • As a connector? (who can you link them up with that adds value to their life or biz?)

Setting intention helps guide your actions. This may seem like an inauthentic approach to meeting people, but trust me on this. Expanding your network is IMPERATIVE to your success. There isn't a single person I've wanted to meet (and taken actions to do so) that I haven't connected with.

There's nothing wrong with having a plan for your life, and that includes relationships. 

Did you Add the upcoming events to your calendar?

Great, look out for Day 3's training arriving in your inbox tomorrow!