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Congrats on exercising your desire to connect with people who are doing big things. People who inspire you, who motivate you, and who frankly are only a few steps ahead of you. 

Today's training is all about getting clear on your WHY for reaching out to these big players. Below are a list of potential reasons you may have: 

You may want to: 

  • Ask for a testimonial or endorsement for your book
  • Work for them
  • Partner with them
  • Become homies!
  • Have them on your podcast
  • Ask them to speak at your event
  • Start a mentorship
  • Add them to your network
  • Connect them with someone else

To get crystal clear about your why, and to determine what your priority is for reaching out to people, let's examine your current goals: 

  • Are you in need of a coach? 
  • Are you looking to build a mastermind? 
  • Are you in the process of writing a book? 
  • Are you trying to grow a youtube channel? 
  • Are you looking to get funding for something? 
  • Are you trying to raise the vibe of your tribe? 
  • Are you looking to quit your job and move abroad?

Action Item:
Write down your top 3 current goals. We'll use those to determine who you need to be connecting with. 

For example, back in 2013, my #1 goal was to quit my corporate job and start my life as a digital nomad (thank you 4 Hour Work Week). 

I knew that to get there, I would have to start acting like the people who were already living that life. I had to know what they knew, read what they read, and hang out with the people they hung out with. Which conveniently happened to be other people living that life style. 

So this meant that the list of people I needed to be connecting with looked like this: 

  • Podcast Hosts (more specifically Dan & Ian of the TropicaMBA podcast)
  • Internet Forum Owners (more specifically Cody McKibbon of Digital Nomad Academy, Dan & Ian of Dynamite Circle, Sean Ogle of Location Rebel, etc.)
  • Members of the Paid Forums
  • Anyone they knew
  • Anyone living in places like Chiang Mai, Thailand who identified as a "digital nomad" (remember this was 2013, that word wasn't played out yet)

Action Item: 
Based on your Top 3 goals, who are the people you need to be connecting with? Make a list. 

Pro-tip: Think of people who are 1 step ahead of you, 2 steps ahead of you, etc. Think of people who you could easily position as peers, people who would gladly work for to achieve your goal, and "reach" individuals. 

Got your list of future friends, potential mentors, and more? 

Great, look out for Day 2's training arriving in your inbox tomorrow!