Paul Colaianni: Understanding the Pros & Cons of Personal Empowerment


Paul Colaianni is a brave, open and honest personal coach and podcaster who is committed to helping others lead better lives.  He’s the creator of The Overwhelmed Brain (TOB) podcast and blog which receives thousands of downloads and views every day.

Paul had always been a dedicated 9-to-5’er until 2013, when as an IT sub-contractor he became fed up with his employer’s broken promises of hiring him on full-time.  At the same time, his relationship with his wife was on the rocks.  With a career not on track and a wife about to leave him, Paul came to the conclusion that, “The only way that I can have confidence in anything in life is if I do it myself.” 

This realization put him on a crash course into entrepreneurship, something he knew nothing about at the time.  Paul was unsure of what subject to tackle, until he gained some valuable insight from a professional podcaster who said that if you’re going to be a podcaster, talk about the things you could talk about for hours on end without getting bored.  Great insight! 

Paul had always enjoyed giving advice to his friends and colleagues, advice which was often very helpful and appreciated.  He figured he could help more than one person at a time, and coupled with his love of radio and podcasting, he created TOB. 

‘The Overwhelmed Brain’ is a term used for something we all deal with in this day and age.  Paul is now helping thousands of people every day through his podcast and blog, where he gives away everything he knows, for free.

Paul’s coaching differs from many other life coaches out there in that he targets people like him who feel that affirmations and positive thinking don’t always work.

We use affirmations to change our inner dialogue and the goal is to consciously change our programming.  But, one of the problems with affirmations is that sometimes we can feel like frauds when we’re saying them to ourselves. “I’m a super intelligent person” really doesn’t work for someone who feels stupid.  A better affirmation would be, “I feel stupid, but I’m trying to get smarter and educate myself.”

When you’re looking to hire a coach of your own, Paul recommends two points of advice:

  1. Choose a coach that doesn’t intimidate you, one that allows you to express yourself, to be yourself and that you connect with.
  2. Follow through and take action. Act on the changes they recommend no matter the uncomfortable feelings their advice triggers.  The resistance you feel to these triggers are a sign that the coach is leading you in the right direction.

As a coach, Paul doesn’t really set out any guidelines or boundaries for his students.  This allows the student to express themselves, and it gives him the freedom to catch points of interest as they speak, points that can lead to breakthroughs in the problems the student is facing.

To Paul, being bold is forging ahead without fear of the consequences.  When you fear the consequences, you make decisions based on that fear.  Eliminating the fear allows you to move forward.

I really enjoyed my time today with Paul and I know you’ll learn much from our insightful discussion.


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  • How did Paul come up with The Overwhelmed Brain?
  • What’s an example of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) that our listeners can takeaway and apply in their own lives?
  • Are there any books or courses that he’d recommend for NLP?
  • What tips or advice would Paul give to anyone looking to hire a coach?
  • How did he market his podcast to get such tremendous growth?


  • What NLP is and how Paul uses it with coaching clients.
  • How his methods of coaching differs from others based on the idea of “put away your crystals and throw your affirmations in the junk drawer and believe it’s okay to not think positively all the time.”
  • The tips he gives his audience that are different than the positive thinking and affirmations route.
  • How sensory perceptions are tied to memories and emotions
  • Some transformations that Paul has affected through his teachings and podcast
  • Plus much more…



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