Laura Coe: How to Avoid Emotional Obesity

Laura Coe

After building and selling a multi-million dollar healthcare company, Laura Coe had an epiphany. She realized that success without fulfillment is nothing. But how do we achieve fulfillment? How do we feel a sense of purpose when on the surface we’re doing everything right? 

Her answer: authenticity. 

Step one was to revisit her passion for philosophy and she started taking action based on what ancient philosophers had noted about passion and purpose. Now, she takes those ideas and through her coaching, her podcast The Art of Authenticity, and her writing she is able to help others to do the same. Laura's hope is that everyone can uncover their truth and build a life that is successful and truly meaningful.

Her book, Emotional Obesity, is a guide to shedding the unnecessary thoughts and patterns that add dead weight, and keep us from living a joyous life. 

I think of myself as a mid life crisis preventionist.
— Laura Coe


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  • What is emotion obesity? 

  • What causes a mid-life crisis and how do we avoid it? 

  • Advice for people how want to feel fulfilled but don’t know what that looks like? 

  • What are junk food thoughts?  

  • What to actually replace our negative thoughts with. 

  • How to get back to your “true north” 

  • The trick to tapping into your true self

  • Why she doesn’t believe in one true calling.

  • One tool she gives all of her clients.