Kimberly Rich: This One Thing Made it Into Every Conference Speech


I’ve been pouring over my notes from last week’s World Domination Summit and I was originally going to share my “top 5 takeaways” from the event, but I realized that all of my favorite takeaways fell under one central theme. 

So instead I’m going to focus on that one theme and use examples from the conference to show you how integral this thing is to our lives, and how powerful it can be to take controlled of it. 

Can you already guess what it is? I'll help.


Now I hope that you didn’t just fall flat in your seat because you’re like KIM NOT ANOTHER EFFING SCHPEAL ABOUT MINDSET. But bare with me. 

WDS is a 6 day long event, and I noticed that EVERY day there was some talk, some session, or some meetup where the underlying theme (whether explicitly stated or not) was how to change your mindset to change your life. 

Some people snuck it in, so you didn’t even realize that’s what you were doing. Others used scientific research to back up their points. But whether it was a keynote speech, an Academy, or a meetup in the park, they were all speaking on the same underlying truth. And that is: your thoughts become words, your words become habits, your habits become your character, and your character becomes your destiny. 

So it sort of makes sense that we would want to affect our thoughts in a way that makes us happier, more intentional, more productive, and 

So let’s dive into some of the core lessons that I took from the conference, and how you all can start using these in your life now. (Be sure to listen to the episode for the full stories from each of these talks).


Marc & Angel shared a story about one of their clients which illustrated how people can so often perceive a situation inaccurately, solely based on their expectation of how it's supposed to be. And when we interpret things different from how they actually are, we change our thoughts and our reaction about them. 

LESSON: Understand how you can impact your perception of a situation that isn't up to your standards. Instead of “WHY ME?” ask “What could I be happy about? grateful for? excited about?” 

It’s no secret that we see more of what we’re looking for, EVEN WHEN IT DOESNT EXIST. So be intentional about what you’re letting your mind look for. - Practical Tips for Productive Living. 



Mike's example shows how systems you create can affect your mindset, and ergo affect your productivity, which affects your life! 

He suggests setting up theme days for your work week. Ex: Monday is engagement/social media, Tuesday is Podcast, Wednesday is Online Marketing, etc. 

LESSON: Structure helps to relieve the overwhelm that can come with ALL the things we have to do in our business each day. 

It gives your mind something easy to focus one, and then helps us think “Oh, its just online writing day! So today that’s all I have to worry about” which puts us at ease, gives us small wins, and makes us happier on an ongoing basis because we’re less stressed.



When we don’t finish ideas, we become creatively constipated.

When you become backed up, you get toxic and start saying negative things about yourself. This is not conducive to producing quality content, serving your clients, or being HAPPY about your business! 

LESSON: Reframe your expectations around your work. Create goals that are palatable and achievable. Set yourself up for success so you can FINISH things. This boost in confidence is great for building integrity with yourself.

Caroline Webb


Caroline shared a story about a workshop she was hosting once. The vibe was good, the class was enjoying themselves, and about halfway through, a woman comes blowing into the room like a tornado (energetically speaking). She was visibly late, and visibly frustrated by the fact. Within minutes the rapport of the room had been zapped. Caroline had lost her class. 

LESSON: Research shows that our emotions synch up with those around us within 5 minutes. CHOOSE to be the person who lifts people’s emotions, not brings them down. Be aware of this power you have and use it intentionally and kindly. 

Author of How to Have a Good Day

Zach Anner


Failures, Faults and Major assists don’t need to be excluded from a narrative of success.

LESSON: It’s so easy for us to get caught up in compare and despair when we see these movie reel versions of other people’s lives, or other people’s businesses. But the reality is that reframing what success is, understanding that mistakes and falls are PART of the journey to your goal, and much of what makes a good story, we can then start to embrace those tough moments. We can be grateful for the challenges. 

If Zach was born without CP, he likely would not have met the people he’s met, traveled the places he’s traveled, or experienced half of the AMAZING things that he’s gotten to experience. 

Our struggles, and the things that make us different can and should be part of our story for success. 

Author of If at Birth you Don’t Succeed | Youtube

Michelle Polar


Our brain puts all the similar moments of our life into ONE box. Which means that every day we go to work, we drive home, we watch tv, we maybe have sex with our partner, then we wake up and do it again, it all blurs into one memory. Nothing stands out. 

LESSON: When you do things that are radically different, you’re creating new experiences in different boxes. Your life feels much more full and rich. Your not living any more hours in the day, but because you are having an increased range of experiences, it feels like you’re living MORE of a life. I think this is AMAZING.

When I was living abroad in different cities every couple months, I definitely had this condensed timeline. Relationships felt richer faster, and it just seemed like SO much happened to me in such a small amount of time. You can create this sensation in your life now. 

All you have to do is start injecting, NEW and DIFFERENT experiences into your life. Michelle chose to do things that made her uncomfortable; you can choose to experience things that are scary, taboo, or just new to you! Explore your city as if you were a tourist, take a new class, meet some new people. Just be sure to spice up your life, so you actually have memories to look back on at the end of it.


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