Jess Kerske: Courage Before Confidence - Hiking 2,000 miles, trusting the universe + a special announcement!

Courage Before Confidence.png

On a night like any other, Jess found herself working late at her high-paying financial job. But as the stack of project papers landed on her desk, a realization settled in her heart.

She had to quit.

A few months later she set out on the solo trip of a lifetime, hiking 2,000 miles, over the course of 6 months.

This bold move changed the trajectory of her life and now empowers her to help others make similar shifts in their lives.


“Opportunities rarely come when it’s convenient or comfortable.”

“I let the part of me that wanted to find my passion and move forward, and win, over the part of me that was scared.”

“I wanted to know that what was within me was far greater than anything happening outside.”

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  • Why she left a 6-figure job to reconnect to a purpose-driven life.

  • How that decision led to her hiking the Appalachian Trail.

  • How a bold decision leads to unseen opportunity.

  • How to battle the fears that come up when we follow our truth.

  • How she kept going on the 2,000 mile hike when she wanted to quit.

  • The importance of finding a partner-in-believing.

  • Why Courage comes before Confidence.


  • How did she make the decision to hike the Appalachian Trail?

  • What opportunities came from following such an unconventional path?

  • How did you handle lash-back from family and friends?