Jason Zook: How to be Successful by 'Doing it Differently'

Jason Zook

Jason Zook is one of the must creative and innovative entrepreneurs I know. He lives his life (both on and offline) by one rule: he must Do Things Differently, however possible. This is evident in everything from his website copy, to his wacky businesses where he even sold his last name to a company for a whopping $50,000. 

I love the authentic boldness he brings to his ventures, and to his life, and in today's episode we go behind the scenes of how he makes it all possible. 

Jason Zook 2.jpeg

“If you’re not willing to invest in the project, then you should be okay with mediocre results or no results.”

- Jason Zook

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  • Which of your [crazy] projects stands out the most? 
  • Why did you let people watch you write your first book?
  • What advice would you have for someone who is mostly done with a first draft, but hasn’t finished it?
  • What last name does your wife have?
  • How did you and Caroline gamify paying down $100,000 in debt?
  • How do you and Caroline prioritize all their businesses? 


  • How he got the idea for selling his last name as a business and how much he made for it.
  • Once his contract ended with the company that bought his name, how did he choose which last name to land on? 
  • How he got a publisher to pick up his book after writing it.
  • How long it takes to publish a book with a traditional publisher.
  • Why you need an editor even if you’re not done with the first draft.
  • What you can say to your credit card companies if you can’t pay them, and want to get rid of your debt. 
  • Why you shouldn’t buy Wandering Aimfully if you just started your business. 
  • Why he and his wife are showing ALL the behind the scenes steps of merging their businesses into Wandering Aimfully. 
  • How he and his wife begin every business meeting to keep rapport high. 
  • And much more...