Jared Kleinert: The Power of Conscious Living

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Jared Kleinert is the millennial mind behind 2 Billion Under 20-How Millennials are Breaking Down Age Barriers and Changing the World, a ground-breaking book, co-authored with Stacy Ferreira.

Jared started his first business when he was 15 years old and has just kept on rollin. As a member of the Teal Fellowship community, he was inspired to write this book at just 17 years old, after attending a conference where he met thousands of other millenials just like him-ambitious, entrepreneurial, young go-getters.

That conference, and the motivation behind his book, spoke to the 2 billion people in this world under 20 years old. It is a rallying cry to spread the virus of innovation among millennials.

Today, that book has become much more-a thriving community and movement of talented millennials has built up around it and Jared couldn't be more excited! Not only that, but it's taken on a life of its own, leading Jared to be invited to not just one, but four TED talks. He's even started his own consulting firm, advising Corporate America on how to better attract and work with millennials, covering everything from marketing and recruiting to retention and engagement.

Jared and I talk about everything entrepreneurship-the hits and the misses, the valuable lessons he's learned when it comes to really understanding his audiences needs and wants, and his mission for building this community of aspiring, amazing millenials.

True confidence comes from not being worried about what other people think and having conscious reasons for your beliefs. And, being confident is bold!

This inspiring first episode of The Bold Life Movement with Jared Kleinert is a must for everyone!

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The Bold Live Movement Podcast

Some questions I ask:

  • Why is it so vital for businesses to understand the mentality and emotions of millennials?
  • What is the best thing that came out of writing 2 Billion Under 20?
  • Can you truly go grassroots to fund your creative endeavors? What are some strategies?
  • What is the absolute one thing that you must provide to your audience, whether it's in business or in life?
  • What are the benefits to starting the entrepreneurial life as a young person?
  • Who are your most valuable mentors?
  • In today's economy, should millennials even go to college?
  • What is the one skill that Jared knows he could improve?
  • What he wishes he had known when he started his entrepreneurial journey?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How a book helps you make money on everything else but the actual book.
  • Some real-life strategies and tips for getting started in the public speaking arena
  • How to view a mistake in business as a learning experiment and not a failure
  • A great approach to seeking out and building a network of mentors
  • The value of making conscious decisions, at any age or stage of your life
  • What it means to take a Gap Year Mindset
  • Plus much more...

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