Chris Reynolds: If You Can't Find Your Tribe, Create It


Chris Reynolds has always had incredible community building skills and puts them to good use with his latest business, The Entrepreneur House.  For over a year now, Chris has been bringing together experienced entrepreneurs from all over the world, to live in a shared home (or homes) in a variety of countries. During their stay, lasting anywhere from 1-3 months, they mastermind, attend local events, and help each other to grow their businesses to the next level.

Chris knows intimately what it’s like to go from rock bottom to thriving business owner.  He started his entrepreneurial journey in real-estate.  This was a fun learning process and ended up being very financially rewarding.  But, the crash of 2008 changed everything and he found himself at square one.  Determined to make it as an entrepreneur, Chris started over.

It was an arduous process but Chris was committed to reaching his goals of financial and location independence.  To get back in the game, Chris started selling real estate info products, then later moved into selling on Amazon. Eventually he got into niche websites; this is where he started to gain traction selling real-estate info products.  After two years of this work he was able to achieve his dream of being a location independent digital nomad; supporting himself as he traveled the world.

Leaving his home brought him many adventures and ample growth, but it came at the price of leaving a great community of like-minded entrepreneurs that he was a part of.  His first major destination was Costa Rica.  While living there he was surrounded by people wanting to only hang out and surf.  Fun, if that’s all you’re into, but it didn’t offer the entrepreneurial minded growth that he was looking for.  Chris turned his need for like-minded community in a profitable business, and this was the catalyst for The Entrepreneur House. 

The first House he created was in Barcelona and he had 12 great entrepreneurs join him there.  This incredible group of people helped him develop what the House has become today.  Together they shaped and molded the masterminding and goal setting processes, and today the features and perks of living in the house are much more evolved.  Since the first iteration he’s created four other Entrepreneur Houses, and has many more planned for the future.

Having an international business such as this presents its fair share of problems.  But Chris works through those by trying to understand the cultural differences of the countries he’s trying to work with.  The logistics of finding short-term housing that suits the needs of the participants would be a struggle for many people, but Chris has honed this process.  Many countries outside of the US actually make it easy to lease a large fully-furnished house for any time frame.

When traveling abroad to a new city, it can be hard to source accommodations, good internet, a great community all on your own.  This takes time away from the work you want to do.  The goal of The Entrepreneur House is to take care of these things for people so they can be more productive.

Some of the amenities that the House offers:

  • Weekly Masterminds where you can pose challenges and the group helps you through them.
  • Workshops with advisors on topics ranging from Facebook to funnels to SEO to content marketing and more.
  • Sunday dinners where everyone eats together and bonds like a family.
  • Weekend events for team building or just fun activities.
  • Private rooms for all with great internet and in the center of the city.
  • Plug-ins to local festivals and events.

Chris has created amazing memories for the communities he’s created along with countless opportunities for people to grow personally and professionally in a way they wouldn’t have otherwise. Many thanks to Chris for the work he's doing, and for being such a great guest for Episode #27.


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  • What was the transition like from rock-bottom to now?
  • How did Chris become drawn to the nomadic lifestyle?
  • What was the catalyst for creating The Entrepreneur House?
  • What are some struggles faced when setting up international endeavors such as this?


  • What famous person gave Chris (and myself) the motivation to become a world traveler
  • The simple piece of advice he would give to anyone wanting to travel the world
  • How he chooses the city for the next Entrepreneur House
  • How fear can propel you to work hard and succeed
  • Plus much more…