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How to Find Mentors

day 4

For some of you, today may seem super obvious, or even moot. But for those of you who have been too cheap to pony up some dough to support your mentors, and even get seen, I encourage you to change that starting today.

Here's how this works, many of today's industry leaders & thought leaders are entrepreneurs. Which means they have products or services for you to buy.

Here are some examples: 

  • Conferences
  • In-person Workshops or Trainings
  • Retreats
  • Masterminds
  • Coaching
  • Books
  • Online Courses
  • Membership Communities
  • Planners
  • Other tangible products in your industry

Now, depending on the industry and the available products or services, how you make yourself visible may vary.

For example: If the person you're looking to connect with hosts intimate retreats, then making the necessary investment could be worth it for all the in-person time you're guaranteed. 

In contrast, buying someone's book doesn't mean that you'll all of a sudden be on their radar. But leaving them a very thoughtful and creative amazon review might.

The point is that by investing in someone's legacy you're showing your support. If you can, be strategic about the programs, or products that you buy, and try to leverage these purchases to get yourself seen. 

Based on the examples above, here's how that might look: 

  • Books - Leave a thoughtful & creative amazon review. Share the book out on social media often; always be sure to tag the author. If you can buy their [new] book at a book signing, even better!
  • Online Courses - Some courses come with group calls. Ensure you're on these calls and asking questions!
  • Membership Communities - Lots of membership communities highlight their active members. Pay the monthly access and add as much value as possible. 
  • Planners or Journals - Products like this make for great possible case studies. Use the product diligently and reach out with a video testimonial. This gets you noticed and may even get you featured on their website.
  • Other tangible products in your industry - Capture yourself using the product and share it on social media. Being a brand champion (especially for boutique brands) can get you noticed more than you might realize. 
  • Conferences - Often conferences include parties and meetups where you may be able to snag 1:1 time with the host. Buy tickets to these and look for your opportunities to connect. 
  • In-person Workshops or Trainings - Buy access, sit in the front, and stay after. As we've already learned, proximity is power, so buy the ability to get within proximity of the people you admire. 
  • Retreats - These usually come with a high ticket price, but can be well worth the investment. 
  • Masterminds - As thought leaders realize more and more the value of their time, they're starting to create paid masterminds to capitalize on that. This usually comes with a VERY high price tag, but the network you get (in addition to the 1:1 time with the host) is priceless. 
  • Coaching - Being a client of someone whose business you admire not only gets you 1:1 support from that individual, but it's a great grounds for building a future relationship. Many business partnerships have been formed from what were once client-coach or client-owner relationships.

Action Item:

Take a look at your list of experts; create a list of all the potential products or services that they offer. 

Which have you already bought? Can you create a testimonial or champion this product further?

Where have you been too scared to pull the trigger? 

Which product or service can you take immediate action on and start adding value, being present, etc? 

Write these down, and get your credit card out now!

Did you pull that trigger and make a purchase?

Awesome, look out for the final training arriving in your inbox tomorrow!